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I have a wyze cam 2 purchased a week ago for my dog in his bed in the kitchen. If I purchase a wyze outdoor cam (set to show just my front door) is it easy to install and set up? I ask because I’m in my 70s, I live alone, I’m very nervous at night time, and I’m not very tech savvy. So I would be very grateful for any guidance regarding the right camera and it’s set up please. Thank you in advance.

You should first decide with outdoor camera is best for your use. All of these options should be pretty simple for you to set up. You can always post your questions here too.
Here’s a few options:
Wyze Cam V3:
Hard-wire-powered camera. Wyze’s newest version of their flagship camera. New features include: a faster processor, more frames per second, wider view, starlight sensitivity, built-in siren, and outdoor capability. The camera can save to a local SD card by recording motion or recording continuously 24 hours a day(similar to the V1, V2, and Pan cameras).
Wyze Outdoor Camera:
Battery-powered camera. This camera has a PIR sensor that it uses for motion detection. The camera requires a base station (4 cameras per base). This one has not been upgraded to a starlight sensor yet. Doesn’t record to an SD card like the the V2,V3, and Pan cameras, it must be configured using scheduled recording instead. Live streaming must be limited to save battery power.

My suggestion is to use the Wyze Cam V3 if you have a power outlet that can be used to power it. The starlight sensor in the V3 also allows it to be placed in a window and still provide good day/night video.


if you set up a wyze Cam V2 then you will be able to set up the wyze cam outdoor because it is actually easier to set up, but you must have the outdoor base to go with it, it will not work without it

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The v3 operates very compairable to the v2. Lots of similarities. If you’re able to get power to the location you want the camera highly recommend the V3, the WCO is a little more involved in its install.


HDRock, what is an outdoor base please? Are they expensive? Is it something you have to wire in? Sorry for all the questions, I’ll get there soon!!

Thank you so much for all that, Do I need a power outlet outside the house then? And what is a Base? Is the base wired to the V3?

The V3 doesn’t require a base, only the Wyze Cam Outdoor does.
The starter bundle includes one Wyze outdoor (battery) camera and a base.

As for the V3, you will need an outdoor power outlet for it or you can place it inside a window if hats easier. You can purchase an Micro SD card (up to 32gb) if you want to use the local recording functions listed above.


The outdoor camera itself is easy to set up but , you have to set up the base first , that is a little bit more involved , you have to plug that into the back of your router with an Ethernet cable , set that up , then you set the camera up. Once the base and the camera is all set up you can place it anywhere outside without any wires or anything , it is battery powered
( The wyze outdoor base is a little device that connects the camera to your home Wi-Fi system }

The V3 camera does not require a base to function , but you have to have it plugged into an outlet , like the other guys said you can plug it in inside and put it inside facing out a window if that would work for you.
If you have an outlet on the outside of your house where you would like to place the camera that would be optimal for the v3
The V3 camera would actually be easier if you have an outlet near the area you would like to have the camera set up viewing.

You can read more information in the support section here about the V3 camera

And You can read more information in the support section here about the outdoor camera


Ahh ok thank you so much for all that info. I do have an outdoor power socket but unfortunately it’s not near my front door.
Sorry to need so much information, I’ve never attempted anything like this before. I need my front door captured for very valid reasons.

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No need to apologize that’s what the forum is for , people answering questions to help people out.
As far as the valid reason goes, I think virtually everyone has a valid reason to keep an eye on their property inside and out.
Hope all the information from everyone helps you to get what you need for your purpose
don’t hesitate to come back to the forum if you need help setting anything up or any other questions

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Is there a nearby window from which your front door could be observed? The v3 camera can give an image with very little light, so it can often be used with the IR LEDs turned off (they reflect off a window).

The power cable is flat, so some people have been able to route it through the bottom of a window, with the weatherstripping of the bottom of the window sash giving enough cushioning to prevent the cable from getting cut or crushed while still allow the window to be closed. That might allow you to use an indoor outlet to power the camera even with the camera itself outside.

There have also been people that have used an adapter that screws into a light socket that adds an outlet or even a USB power outlet.

Being a person in my 70’s I can understand your concern with the technology.
You might want to make sure you get a good WiFi signal where ever you want to place the camera.
The V3 is the easiest to set up and is fairly weatherproof.
With the existing outdoor power socket you may be able to run a relatively long (~24 foot) usb cable or one can run an extension to a USB adapter, just try to make sure they don’t get wet.
Brows through the Tips & Tricks subforum for ideas on how to easily power cams.

For some reason the mavens failed to mention the new “Cam Pan V2”. It’s not as weatherproof as the V3 but it does have the optics and allows one to pan and tilt.

Like gemniiii said there are other ways to power a V3 outside , you could use something like this if you have enough room in your porch light fixture but , you would have to have your switch for your porch light on all the time, I do this and I use a dust to dawn automatic bulb in my porch light

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Sarah, I would definitely go with an Outdoor Cam over a V3 camera. Much better solution and less visible if you are trying to keep it low key.

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