Outdoor Wyze Cam and Monthly Subscription Question?

So I have a few wyzecam but they are the older ones… Wyzecam 2.

I see now there is wyzecam 3 now but is that a big improvement over the one i have? That still is indoor one right? The wyzecam i have i use indoors and i find it pretty decent. I have a micro sd card with it so i could view up to like two weeks or so or bit more when i check the video.

Now… if i want a wyze cam to put outside the house… which wyzecam is good for that? But also… you need to buy a mount right? So that is bought separately and is it easy to mount? So what about rain/snow… is there concern with that?

The other thing is do most people put a micro sd card in these outdoor wyze camera? Or do people pay that small monthly fee for the cloud?

I still use the micro sd card for my old wyzecam. But if you use any wyzecam… should you use the cloud service? What is benefit of it over using the micro sd card? I guess longer viewing time like you could view longer than two weeks or so?

But if you get outdoor wyze cam, is using a microsd card with it sufficient enough?

Another big question i have is this. Back then when using wyzecam, i recall any time someone walks by… there was that person detection and it give that notification of person detection. But i think since the last year or so… is this feature no more unless you pay for it?

WyzeCam V3 is indoor/outdoor, but requires being plugged into an electric source. It has an excellent picture and great starlight sensor/setting. Some people in the forums have been capturing the meteor showers and the videos are excellent. You can also turn down the ir light for pointing it out a window. It’s a huge improvement from the V2 and the outdoor cam.

The outdoor cam (base station required, can buy the startup kit that includes both) works well, but is tricky to set up to get full use of the motion detection.

The big difference between the outdoor cam and the V3 aside from one is battery and the other is wired, is continuous recording to an SD card is available on the V3, but not the outdoor cam. You can use an sd with both, but only the V3 has continuous recording.

Person detection is available with a cam plus subscription, but it’s a relatively low cost (you also get a shorter cool down period between event recordings and a longer motion capture).

You can mount both the V3 and outdoor cams out of the box. There are holes in the base for mounting and includes a metal disc with adhesive (though, I haven’t used those, so I can’t report about mounting - mine are just set up and not really secured since they are on a flat surface with no worries about them being knocked down or stolen).

I hope I’ve answered most of your questions, if not, I can elaborate if needed. Sorry if I missed something.

Okay but with that wyzecam v3, how do you plug it into an electric source if its outside if you want it outdoor?

So the v3 is better than the outdoor one?

But back then person detection was always available right? When i used the wyzecam2, it was there but i notice recently, its not there anymore? So we need to have a monthlly subscription in order to get person detection on any version wyzecam now?

Some people run the electric from outdoor to indoor on the V3 (the included usb/outlet plug is an indoor plug, but some people have rigged up a weatherproof shelter for the outlet plug). The cord itself and the port on the back of the camera are weatherproof.

I think you can subscribe to stand alone person detection on the V2 cameras. But that option isn’t available on the V3 or outdoor cameras. You’d need the cam plus subscription for that.

I’d recommend doing a forum search for outdoor cam and V3. I think you’ll find lots of useful information to help you decide what might work best for you.

I use my V3 indoors pointing out a window as I have no way of plugging into electric without a lot of hassle. My outdoor cameras work well, but I need the cam plus subscription on those (since there’s no continuous recording) to take advantage of the longer recordings, shorter cool down period, and person detection.

It was. Back then person detection was done on the camera itself, using a third party software. Wyze lost the license to that software and subsequent firmware updates removed that function from all V2 cameras.

Wyze then re-implemented person detection but this time, on its own servers. It offered the new person detection feature to existing V2 owners during a registration period. You must have missed the emails. It no longer is available.

You now need to subscribe to Cam Plus to get its equivalent.

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