Is the Wyze Cam v3 the best choice for my needs?

Hello everyone,
I’m hopeful you all can help give me some information and guidance with some questions I have with my hunt to find the best solution to my camera needs.

I’m gravitating towards the Wyze Cam v3 based on what it offers vs. what I’m looking for.

First, some background and information about my current situation:
I already have an array of Blink Outdoor cameras around the perimeter of the house, and while they do what I’ll be kind and call a “mostly just satisfactory” job of very basic video coverage, they definitely have their shortcomings in a lot of areas. I’m looking for a couple of additional cameras to fill the performance gaps and to supplement where the Blinks fall short. I would be running the Android app on a Motorola One 5G UW running Android 11. Probably in less than a year I’ll be upgrading to the latest greatest Android phone but that’s what I have now.

The must-have features I’m looking for are:

  1. capable of recording continuously 24/7/365 and able to do so… (see #2)
  2. without having to pay extra to subscribe to any premium plans (I fully understand this would require SD Card purchase for each camera).
  3. able to access live views and the recordings on demand via the phone app and the ability to save any noteworthy clips I wanted to onto the phone.
  4. Outdoor weather rated. At least two of the cams would likely be mounted under the house’s soffits so while they would still be outside, they wouldn’t be fully exposed to the unabated weather conditions. But due to the constraints of them having to be wired, one of them might have to be mounted in a spot with no overhead protection so it would be important for at least that one in particular to have robust outdoor weather protection.
  5. able to connect and work fine with eero Pro 6 wi-fi (one eero gateway Pro 6 and one regular Pro 6). My Blink cams are 2.4 GHz only and I see that Wyze cams are 2.4 GHz too and the Blinks work fine with the eero system in the house so I’m presuming if the Blinks can work fine with eero then the Wyze cams should too?

Those are my must-have features and it looks to me like the Wyze Cam v3 can check all the boxes, correct?

I would not require access to the other features that you would only get by paying extra for a premium plan. If the cameras would give me any extra premium-free features over and above the must-haves above, that would obviously be great but not requirements.

Some questions:

*- What is the maximum size microSD Card that the Wyze Cam v3 will support? I’m assuming that since they offer 256GB cards right on the Wyze Cam v3 webpage as an accessory that they can support at least that size or higher.

*- If I purchased a 256GB card, does anyone know how much historical video will be recorded and stored before it starts overwriting the oldest? (Assuming recording at the highest quality settings possible)

*- I see that there is a special outdoor power adapter for the Cam v3. Are these adapters absolutely necessary for all outside installations or just recommended? The reason I ask is because a couple of the cam locations will be underneath the soffit of the house and will be plugged into waterproof and weatherproof rated covered outdoor outlets, so just wondering if that would be enough to get by with the supplied cord or if I should bite the bullet right from the start and get an outdoor rated cord for each cam. What is your experience/advice with this?

*- I noticed another accessory is the Wyze lamp socket which I really like the idea of but I don’t think I can use them because I already have dusk to dawn outdoor light fixtures (the “eye” is mounted right on the fixture itself, not screwed between the socket and bulb) so I don’t think adding the Wyze lamp socket will be possible because during the daytime hours the socket would probably be getting no power and thus the camera wouldn’t be getting powered. So, sadly, short of replacing all my outdoor fixtures (which I’m not going to do) I don’t think the Wyze lamp sockets are an option for me, correct? Too bad because it would’ve given me some additional options on installation locations but doesn’t look like it’ll happen.

*- What are people’s experiences with using the Wyze window mount or some of the other aftermarket window mounts with the Cam v3? I see Wyze has their own window mount that people say works generally ok but you have to be 100% totally committed to wherever you apply the adhesive to the glass because it’s essentially permanent and extremely difficult to remove from the glass once applied (it was described by several as “nearly impossible”) and they also do not supply additional adhesive in case you want/need to relocate the mount. Additionally, if applied to a double-hung window, you will likely not be able to open the window completely or possibly not at all depending on its location on the glass. I saw there is an aftermarket angled window mount (20-degree angle up, down, left, or right) that got pretty decent reviews. It also claims to be easier to remove from the glass than the one sold by Wyze but that is the maker’s claim and not really validated yet by anyone in the reviews. I also saw a suction-cup model but the reviews on it were pretty dismal so sounds like it shouldn’t be considered. What are people’s experiences with any of these?

Sorry that this post ended up so long but I want to ask a lot of questions and get a lot of input before committing to a whole other camera platform in addition to Blink. So far, seeing what I see and hearing what I hear about the Wyze Cam v3, it should do a good job of doing what I’m looking for it to do.

Thanks, and I’m looking very forward to hearing your advice and input.


The Wyze Cam V3 is still my go to choice. I like the OG for its price, load speed, spotlight, and video quality; but it has game stopper drawbacks with the SD not recording when WiFi drops, so I don’t recommend it. The PanV3 has issues with tracking and returning to home position as well as being hard to keep online. The V3Pro does have a spotlight, but I can’t justify the cost for 2K video that doesn’t look that much better; and the onboard Person AI is not as strong as expected and gives no notifications without Cam Plus. All three (OG, PanV3, V3Pro, are incompatible w\ Cam Plus Lite)

As it pertains to your questions and the V3:

#1 - Yes. Suggest 256GB High Endurance SD Cards

#2 - “No subscription” plan is Free, however there is no AI Smart Detection, Cloud Upload Events limited to Thumbnail Snapshots only once every 5 minutes, Push Notifications come from Cloud Uploaded Events, so they are also subject to the 5 minute cooldown timeout. Cam Plus Lite “can” be free, adds Person Detection and notifications as well as 12s Video. Still has 5m cooldown.

#3 - No limit to access so long as you and the cams have internet. Live stream can be recorded to phone. SD Playback can only be saved to phone in the same way as Live Stream, by Recording it while watching it.

#4 - IP65 rated cam, power adapter it ships with is not outdoor rated. Wyze sells an IP67 Outdoor Power Adapter if you need the plug to be outdoors as well. I have 16 V3 with them under soffits as well as on siding without cover All mine are plugged in indoors.

#5 - No experience with eero. Perhaps a search of the forum will turn up some posts with users who have used Wyze cams on eero.

256GB is the stated size limit supported by Wyze, however there users who report success using 512GB and 1TB cards although loading the cards may take a bit longer due to size.

I record in HD 24\7 continuous to High Endurance SD Cards with Night Vision in Auto. The amount of IRNV footage you have will vary the capacity slightly as it shoots at 15fps rather than 20fps. I get between 21 and 24 days depending on light conditions.

Not sure the Indoor Rated power adapter that comes with the cam will fit in your boxes. However, they are not rated for damp or humid applications. They are like your cell phone charger adapters. Not at all weatherproof. I wouldn’t leave them outside. I recommend the Outdoor Adapter if it has to plug in outside.

Absolutely correct. From Dawn to Dusk, you would have no power to the socket or the cam. The socket must be powered 24\7 to run the cam so the cam can run the Smart Socket.

I’m passing on that one. Never used one.

Don’t apologize! I find it incredibly refreshing to see a new user coming to the forum, asking all the right questions, doing their due diligence, educating themselves, and weighing all their options. Far too many posts of users coming to unload their frustration after making a quick decision with limited research and choosing the wrong cam or plan. You should be applauded! :clap: :+1:


SlabSlayer did a great job answering your questions. I can add a couple more points to consider. Wyze has a new Battery Cam Pro which is 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Otherwise, the rest of the Wyze cameras are only 2.4Ghz. My v3 cameras are almost 2years old and working great so I am sticking with Wyze wired v3 cameras.

You might consider mounting your v3 cameras inside looking out. Here is a thread with picture examples of the results you can expect. I do this because I have electrical outlets near each window, my cameras are not in the weather and no mounting outside concerns.

It sounds like you will be using Wyze to supplement Blink cameras. Be sure to read through the threads on camera firmware and App upgrades as sometimes bugs can appear. Determine how quickly you want to jump on new camera firmware and new App versions. I only have Wyze v3 cameras (no other brands), so I wait until I read positive forum comments on mission critical cameras before updating firmware. I will update firmware early on cameras in less important areas to test the newer software.

If you are interested in Cam Plus Lite where you can choose to pay any amount including Zero, be sure to check this list of compatible cameras (as the newest Wyze cameras will not work on Lite). Wyze regular v3 cameras will work on Lite.

Welcome to the Wyze forum.

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Welcome to the forums! No worries, you’ll find that there are plenty of helpful folks willing to engage in conversation about all things Wyze.

You can also search the forums to see what has been talked about so far. If you add the #cam-v3 tag to your search, it’ll search only topics that are tagged about the v3 camera. You can also click here: cam-v3 To see all posts tagged the v3.

I have more v3s in service that other types because I love the starlight sensor in the v3s which helps with all low light performance, the continuous recording feature and field of view of the camera. One down side is that the v3 uses the older user interface, compared to the new cameras that have a revamped playback/SD card/live view layout. But that’s not a deal breaker for me.

I don’t use the window mount for the v3 because that is best used for cameras that point straight out, and are flat up against the window. All my looking out the window cameras are at an angle that is to much for the window mount to handle. The window mount would help reduce glare by a bunch, but if your windows are double or triple pane then you’ll still get some reflections from inside the window depending on the interior lighting situation. Tag link for more on the mount: cam-v3-window-mount

Welcome again! Glad to help!

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Thank you very much to @StevenA , @SlabSlayer, and @Omgitstony for your swift replies and advice.

I just ordered one Wyze Cam v3 and one SanDisk Extreme 256GB microSD card direct from Amazon Prime but for some reason I could not find the outdoor rated power cord for the v3 on Amazon so I went to order it via the Wyze page and there was a “buy with Prime” button at checkout and I clicked through there to buy it, so that’s on the way as well. The credit card charge for the outdoor cord said “Wyze Labs” charged the card but it said bought via Prime (somehow). Who cares I guess as long as it gets here, right?

I have a SanDisk Extreme 512GB microSD Card in my current dash-cam and have used SanDisk products several other times in the past and have never been disappointed so I feel confident using them again here. Not to mention it was only $19.99 on Amazon Prime vs. $29.99 for the Wyze branded 256GB SD Card on their website, so that was some immediate savings I was able to apply towards the Wyze outdoor cord purchase.

I’m going to try this camera in several places and positions in, out, and about the house once it arrives to help me determine where I might decide to mount this one and one or two more additional v3’s depending on the results I get. Even though I’m very eager to get everything I want all at once I don’t want to overbuy, rush, or misjudge things and then end up having to return a bunch of stuff or get stuck with anything that can’t be returned just because I couldn’t control my excitement and jumped the gun. That’s a pain either way. If these cameras were wire-free like my Blinks (but then they wouldn’t be continuous recording) and I had full autonomy with where I could install and mount them anywhere around the house or the property, I probably would’ve ordered several v3’s all at once, but due to the wiring needs of these I will need to do some extensive experimentation on placements, etc. beforehand.

But I am indeed very eager to get started and check it all out and want to say thanks once more for all the great info shared here earlier. I will definitely report back here with my results (hopefully not problems, just results)

It’s supposed to arrive in ~48 hours (August 31st) and I probably won’t get my first really good chance to dive in and start setting up, installing and experimenting until some time the next day Friday (Sept 1st) so I doubt my first progress report good, bad, or otherwise will be anytime prior to Late Friday night at the earliest. I’m feeling good about it, hopefully things go well.


Hi guys,
Just got a shipment notice that my stuff is on the way for delivery sometime tomorrow afternoon!
In the meantime I keep thinking of things I forgot to ask before or didn’t think of until recently.

Currently with Blink (the Blink app in particular), they do not allow multiple users (with separate usernames and passwords) to access/share the cameras and their functions.
You can, however, use your one username and password to sign in and operate on multiple devices.
I currently am using my one Blink username and password to access the cameras via the app on my phone, my wife’s phone, an Amazon Fire Tablet, and on my home PC via Bluestacks. Each device can simultaneously access the full “super Admin” capabilities of the system (live views, saved clips, system settings, etc) when logged in with the one username and password. (forgot to mention previously, I have the top Blink Plus Plan subscription, hence all the features Blink offers are available on all devices).
This is a fine arrangement for me and just my wife being the users, she won’t go in and tamper with any settings without me. Other than maybe turning alerts on/off if she’s going to be out in the yard so we don’t get bombarded with needless alerts and kill the batteries saving unwanted clips, she does not go in to any system settings, etc. And we don’t have any kids where you might have to worry about your kids killing the cameras to sneak themselves or others in or out of the house undetected if they had the app on their phone or other access to it. So far it’s been fine for it to be like that for us.

Now for my question…
Moving over to Wyze now…

Can you use the same username and password to run the Wyze app on multiple devices without kicking each other off the same as what we’re doing now with the Blink app?

I know there is a sharing feature with Wyze which I did some reading about and thought that would be fine for us to use, but down in the fine-print it said that if you utilize the sharing function, you cannot access a device’s Settings or view micro SD card footage as a shared user.

This would not be good for us because if I set up myself as the admin account and set up my wife as a shared user with the app on her phone, she would not be able to access saved video footage, correct? Only live views would be accessible to her?

So, if that’s the case, could we not use sharing and just have multiple devices all using the admin username and password the way we do now with the Blink app without any negative issues like kicking each other offline if we try to both use the app simultaneously with the admin credentials?

@Omgitstony @SlabSlayer @StevenA cam-v3

You can use multiple instances of the app (multiple devices) utilizing the same User\Pass at the same time. All devices would have the same “Owner\Admin” privileges.

The device sharing function does restrict the shared user a bit. I believe the shared user can change settings that are accessible in the live Stream UI. And, the SD Playback is restricted.

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This was news to me, glad to learn it. :+1:

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I just learned it a bit over a month ago when it showed up as a post in a wishlist topic. I tested it on my OG cams and confirmed it.

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Hey guys,
Just thought of another question after skimming through some more of the Wyze topics here…

I came across this Wyze FAQ article…
Can Wyze products be set up on the same account across multiple networks?

And it got me thinking…
Does this mean that if we set up a camera(s) in my wife’s elderly father’s house (he lives by himself in the next town over, and has a wi-fi modem already installed in the house) to keep an eye on him and the house, we would be able to pair those cameras to our house account username and password and view those camera’s live views and SD Card stored footage alongside our cameras, perhaps grouped separately but within same app session, so no sign-out and back in necessary in order to see them all together??

I’m thinking a few moves ahead that if I tell my wife this capability exists she might start thinking about this for keeping an eye on her elderly Dad and possibly mother as well.
Is this possible with Wyze?
@StevenA @SlabSlayer @Omgitstony cam-v3

Yes. You can install a Wyze Cam to your account (the app) from any network on the world(*) that has Internet access so long as you have the credentials to log into that network with your phone first to do the setup.

You can even install most cams to open networks that have no password. Some of the newer cams, however, do not support this. The V3 does.

(*) - provided it isn’t some 3rd world repressive government blocked country or one blocked by Wyze due to hacking.

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Also, be mindful about when to upgrade camera firmware at your father-in-law’s house as bugs can arise. It would be inconvenient to have to drive to the next town over to troubleshoot connectivity or functionality issues.

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Camera #1 update:

So, the first Cam v3 and the accompanying accessories that I ordered arrived earlier than expected on Thursday so I was able to get a little head-start on the unpacking, activating and the experimentation on the various positioning I wanted to try with it before I ordered more cameras.

Downloading the app, creating an account, inserting and formatting the microSD Card, and pairing up the camera to the app was really easy. There was also zero trouble using the eero wi-fi in the house, which I was a little worried about because of some stories I’ve heard in the past with eero wi-fi sometimes not playing nice with 2.4GHZ devices, but no issues popped up at all. Fingers crossed it stays that way. When Wyze asked me which plan I wanted to sign up for (none) I ended up signing up for the zero-cost lite plan or whatever the one is that you don’t have to pay anything. So that’s all I have now which was my long-term plan to continue with (but we’ll see…).

I used this one camera to go all around the house and see what kind of picture I got in various locations and what my wiring options/limitations were in all the various locations. In the process of doing so, I ended up unplugging and plugging in the camera numerous times and each time it hooked right back up to the wi-fi and resumed working without any problems, which was obviously very nice to see. I ended up mounting this camera to monitor the front of the house, but before that I used it to scout out some spots to monitor the back deck/yard and driveway with additional v3’s. I didn’t want to order additional cams until I knew it was possible and practical to mount and wire them where I wanted them to go to get the best view out of them.

Here is the installation I did for the first camera watching the front door and front yard of the house. I used an inside plug to go out the window and out to the camera (the plug that came in the box with the camera, not the outdoor plug). I have not used any clips, fasteners, or tape to hide the wires outside, I just kind of unprofessionally stuffed them behind the window shutter to “make them disappear” as reasonably as possible. I know it’s hard to make the wires 100% disappear like we all would probably like, but I tried to get as close as I could. The cord being flat like thin fettuccine was a big help in hiding the wire and also enabling the window to still be easily opened and shut with the wire going through from inside to outside.

In the “Front Yard cam inside wire” pic, you can see the wire traveling from the inside outlet up and out the window to the outside.

In the “Front Yard cam out from window” pic, you can see the wire coming out from the plug inside and out towards the camera location. You can also see here that I tried my best to tuck the wire behind the shutter to keep the install as discreet as can be managed.

In the “Front Yard cam close-up” pic, you can see where I mounted the camera using an aftermarket clip-mount. It’s up there nice and snug so it shouldn’t move hopefully. It’s not easy to notice in the pic but there is also an aftermarket protective silicone skin on the camera to help defend it from the outside weather. Being under the soffit should partially help it from getting a full-frontal blast of weather but it will still get some so I figured the protective skin would be a good idea that can only help. (I know the clip-mount might not be technically for outdoor use so I may possibly experience rust and other degrading as time goes on but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it).

In the “Front Yard wide shot” you can see a more wide angle of where the cam is mounted about midway up the right-hand shutter. Looking from here the wires are not very noticeable, which was my goal, so the camera’s presence doesn’t “jump out at you” so much.

In the “Front Yard cam mounted view” pic, this is the view from the camera covering the front door, the walkway leading to the front door, vast majority of front yard, upper driveway all the way up to the mailbox, and the street in front of the house so you can see vehicles that travel by or that park in front of the house. I thought this angle gave me the most relevant viewing picture of the front of the house from only one camera.

I was very happy with how everything went and how it’s been going so far the first couple days. Happy enough that I ordered two more v3’s that same night to monitor the back deck/yard and driveway area (they are literally out for delivery with Amazon Prime RIGHT NOW, estimated 3pm-6pm delivery today!) I’ll be sure to report back with how it goes with those two cams as well.

Thanks again everyone for all of your help with getting me to where I am so far and will be soon with the next two cameras coming any minute. I have to now start looking through the blinds every 30 seconds eagerly awaiting the Amazon guy to pull up (or maybe I’ll use the camera to lurk!)

Aftermarket clip-mount used: FASTSNAIL Desk Clip Clamp Mount Holder Compatible with Wyze Cam Pan, for Wyze Cam V3, for Arlo, for Arlo pro, for Arlo Baby Monitor and Other Cam with Same Interface

Aftermarket silicone skin used: Koroao Silicone Skins Only for Wyze Cam V3, Waterproof All-Round Protective Case/Cover Housing for Indoor and Outdoor Using (1pack)

microSD Card used: SanDisk 256GB Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - Up to 190MB/s, C10, U3, V30, 4K, 5K, A2, Micro SD Card - SDSQXAV-256G-GN6MA

@StevenA @SlabSlayer cam-v3


Depending on where you plan to mount your soon to be arriving v3 cameras, Wyze does sell an outdoor rated cord and adapter for the v3. The power adapter and cord that comes with the v3 is not meant to be out in the weather.

If you only wanted to check out views from different locations, if you had a battery bank to change phones etc you could hook the camera up to that and have it be a portable camera for the time being. Able to traverse around alot more and don’t have to worry about the plug in and boot time. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea but sounds like StingrayJG has more v3 cameras on the way. Soon StingrayJG will be like most of us with way too many Wyze devices and there will be no locations left to test.


Camera #2 (driveway view) update:

Less than an hour after my last post, Amazon dropped off the other two cameras I ordered along with some accessories, so I got started right away getting them up and running.

Just like cam #1, getting this camera up and running was easy-peasey. Based on the research I already did experimenting with camera positioning, I decided to do a similar set up to the first cam where I power it via and inside-the-house plug using the cord in the box and then string the wire outside.

Here is the wire going from the outlet up and out the window (ironically the same outlet I have one of my sync modules for the Blink cameras plugged in…) I’ll probably make the wire a little “cleaner” looking with some fasteners later but for now I just wanted to get it up and running.

Here is the wire going through the window sill area. The covered connection is between the screen and glass so it will get some small measure of protection over being completely outside.

The camera is mounted to the outside window encasement with the same model clamp mount and the same silicone protective skin used in the #1 camera install…

Here’s how it looks from outside (bottom left corner of left-hand window). Somewhat discreet, I guess. LOL.

More wide-angle view of the install. The arrow points to the Wyze cam, the two red circles are two of my several Blink cameras spread throughout the property, and just out of frame to the left is another third Blink driveway cam mounted atop an old basketball hoop pole.

This is the picture from the camera. Just about the whole driveway is covered all the way up to the street so it overlaps a slight bit with the front yard camera that distantly picks up the top of driveway as well. We obviously want the concentration to be where we might be parking our vehicles right in front of the garage doors.

Overall, everything went well.

@StevenA @SlabSlayer @Omgitstony cam-v3


Camera #3 of 3 (back deck and yard) update:

Again another easy activation of the camera, and based on past research already conducted, already knew where I wanted to mount it, so I was able to get right to it.

We have a back deck with part of it enclosed covering our hot tub area. It’s not considered living area, it’s not heated or insulated inside. The primary goal of the camera mount was to cover the deck with a concentration on entry and exit to the area (steps, windows, and the entry into the house and the hot tub room). Being able to also see distantly down to the shed would be "gravy. "

Mounted the camera on the outer corner of the hot tub room looking outward towards the deck. You can see there is another Blink camera nearby here as well.

Here’s where the wire comes into the hot tub room via a sliding window, again similar to the first two installs where I tried to have the cameras plug in to the outlet inside and out of the weather. This is the optional Wyze outdoor-rated power cord. Even though this is still not really a fully outside installation, this one will be plugged in to an outlet not inside the house. It is inside the enclosed room so it will be out of the wet weather, but will still get year round hot/cold temperature exposure so I thought it’d be best to use the outdoor power cord for this installation.

Here you can see the white Wyze outdoor wire continuing overhead across the room to where it has to dip down to the outlet.

Here I joined up the Wyze outdoor cord with an outdoor rated 15 foot UL-Listed extension cord to make it the rest of the way to where it needed to go to reach the electrical outlet…
HONDERSON 15 Ft Outdoor Extension Cord-16/3 SJTW Durable Green Extension Cable with 3 Prong Grounded Plug for Safety

…until it reaches the corner of the room and then down to about knee height and into the outlet.

This is the camera view. Please excuse the messy cluttered look, We were covering all the furniture in anticipation of possible overnight rain (and it’s drizzling right now so we chose wisely). Camera covers pretty much the entire deck and the entrances to the house and hot tub room, as well as being able to see distantly all the way down to the shed in case anyone decides to approach it with bad intentions (also a Blink cam right above shed entrance)

So that’s it for now. Right now I plan on leaving the three cams this way unless something happens to warrant having to move them. I MIGHT consider getting one more v3 to cover the 4th side of the house not already covered by these first three, just to have complete coverage on all four sides, but not sure yet. I have Blinks on that side of the house but like I said, they have their “shortcomings” that one more of these would do a good job of resolving.

Thanks again for all the help, support and advice. I’ll keep you posted on anything noteworthy that happens.

@StevenA @SlabSlayer @Omgitstony cam-v3


I see you have floodlights on the deck. Not sure if you also have them on the driveway side, but it would be foreseeable.

Wyze sells a Floodlight Cam Pro. A bit pricey compared to the V3, but less than the competition and so worth it. I got one on sale to test it and it blew my mind. The 180° cam FOV, image quality, and onboard AI was far beyond my expectations having already installed and using the VDBv1, PanV1, V3, V3Pro, OG, and PanV3 cams. I immediately bought a second one.

Here is a comparison of the V3 Cam first, and then the Floodlight Pro that replaced it.

NOTE: it is not compatible with Cam Plus Lite.


Man, You guys seem to know a lot about Wyze Cams. Anyone know what Error code 3001 means, when the video only plays for 4 sec, and stops? V2’s Wyze refuses to respond or address this issue. Error logs are ignored when sent over.