newbie questions

Hello. I’ve developed a sudden need for security cameras in my home. The WyzeCam seems very promising, and the best value around by far, from what I’ve read. I do have some preferences that may be somewhat unusual, so I’m posting these questions before I buy, in hopes of avoiding a potential mistake:


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      1. May assume that I can install multiple WyzeCams (4 - 6) without WIFI interference either with the remaining WyzeCams, or with other devices on my (very basic) WIFI network run from my internet router?
      2. I am very reluctant to use cloud services to store my cam data (or connect the cams to the public internet in any other way,) out of privacy and security concerns. I'm also a tech dinosaur in the sense that I prefer to use my computer for computing tasks, and restrict my phone to voice and text communications, to the extent possible. Is there a version of the native Wyze monitoring software that will run on a Windows 7 PC? If not, could I run it on such a PC under an Android emulator (e.g., Bluestacks)? Any other suggestions for monitoring and or controlling the cams from a Windows computer?
    3. I have an old Victorian home with limited electrical outlets. I don't have an outlet convenient to every location that is ideal for a camera, and I'd prefer not to run additional circuits solely for the cams. If I can find an external battery-powered 5V source of sufficient capacity, would it be feasible to power a WyzeCam through the external USB port using such a supply?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


    Hi Sam,

    1. The WyzeCams seem to perform satisfactorily in a moderately noisy wifi environment. I would say you'd be fine. Keep in mind that the cameras operate only on the 2.4GHz (not 5GHz) wifi band.
    2. No, there is not a PC app or web interface at this time. But, yes, you can run the Android Wyze app in BlueStacks. You can also run the TinyCam Android app which will let you view multiple cameras at one time. Uploading alert clips to the cloud is completely optional. You can insert a microSD card into each camera and have the camera record video locally. Of course, if the camera gets stolen, those recordings go with it.
    3. You may be able to run longer USB power cords to solve this issue. Monoprice has some good cables up to 15'. I have seen longer cables on Amazon, but I can't vouch for their wire gauge. You need to ensure sufficient wire gauge to prevent excessive voltage drop. You can also daisy-chain up to three WyzeCams together by plugging the power cable for the downstream camera into the large USB port on the back of the upstream camera. Click Support above and then FAQ to see the FAQ regarding battery power. Best case, you would need to be swapping out batteries on a daily basis.

    I’m using a similar setup for a portable camera around the house. I have an external battery (KMASHI 15000mAh External Battery Power Bank $17.00 on Amazon) and it works great. It will power the camera for over 30 hours.