I was wrong, wait for it.

I originally was upset about the fact that there wasn’t software for controlling my Wyzecam via PC. I posted on the forums about it.

I was wrong.

Over time, I have come to realize just how amazing and incredible of a product (AND VALUE) the Wyzecam + software really is.

Hats off to the Wyzecam team, you’ve truly created an innovative and incredible product and should be very proud.

I just ordered 16 more for me and my friends <3

<3 to the Crosby family!


So, and what was your solution?

Bluestacks with Tinymonitor or the Wyze app?



Bluestacks was a horrible solution, laggy as heck.

I haven’t yet, but I am looking at a newer Chromebook that can connect to an external monitor that runs Android apps :slight_smile:



Ok, I myself connected a cheap Android box to my computer monitor (has 2 hdmi ports). I switch to either hdmi1 (computer) or hdmi2 (android box). I was having problems with former versions of Wyzecam on Android box. Did not try the latest version yet. Tinycam works well though.

How does TinyCam work when the Wyzecam cannot be used as an IP Camera?



When you say “Cheap Android box”, can you be more specific?‘’



Not sure how TinyCam does it. They must have access to the Wyzecam API or something. The Wyzecam itself does not have a built in web interface neither to my knowledge.


I just bought an Android 7 box from Amazon for around 50-60$. I can move that box around and even connect it to my big screen. However, I use it mostly on the same screen where my desktop computer is connected.

I can use most Android playstore apps on that box but I use it mainly to monitor my various cams from TinyCam.

So glad you’re liking your Wyze Cams, Adam!

Not liking, LOVING <3