View you Cameras on you PC.... Use Bluestacks for FREE Works perfect

Really simple and works perfect. Simply download Bluestacks on your PC. Open it and load the WYZE app. Once you do you will see the exact same view you see on your phone. I have 8 V3 cameras and they work perfect. I wish WYZE would modify their program to allow for multiple column so that you don’t have to keep scrolling down to see all your cameras. I’m sure they have no interest because they want to sell you their worthless PC connection. Once you set up Bluestacks you’ll realize how fast and easy it is to use and FREE. Then just add a shortcut on your PC screen and your cameras open instantly.

One change that would be nice I think WYZE can easily fix. Maybe somebody can add it to their wish list. It would be nice to allow 1, 2, or three columns so that people with multiple cameras can see them easily instead of scrolling down a long list.


It is quite handy. Although I used gmail on it and it said an unauthorized Pixel phone has logged into my account. WTF? I don’t have a Pixel phone. Turns out Bluestacks was emulating a Pixel phone.

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You can then swipe horizontally between 4-cam screens, just like in the app.

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Thanks for,sharing this info!! I see that Bluestacks 4 can be installed on Macs as well! Nice

Beware, it won’t run on M1 and M2 silicone Macs. Bluestacks 5 is useless as it only gives you option to install games, not apps. At least I haven’t found a way.

Bluestacks 4 will run on Intel Macs but you will need min 8 Gigs of VRAM if you are using HighSierra or higher.

That is incorrect for Windows devices. It simulates various models of Android phones and you can add any app or game you want. I can’t say the same for iOS.

I even installed the Wyze app.

I was referring to the Mac version as I know @tc10 own a MacBook.

Sorry I took your statement out of context.

I thought that was a bold statement; without me knowing the background.

Thanks for explaining.

Nothing to be sorry about, I have a thick skin :wink:

No harm done.

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You do. Thank you for that.


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I would just like to add my 2 cents. I have tried the free version of Blue Stack, Nox and Memu. And I don’t care for all the commercial adds they have.
I stumbled across this app that I am using now with less commercials. LDPLAYER. Combine this with Windows app ‘Windows Top’ I can setup a window that I can monitor while on the PC.