Who do you trust?

I read on this forum that you cannot install the Wyze app on a desktop computer. If true, that’s too bad.

But then I found this online:
"You can Install Wyze app on your PC through this Chrome Add-on.
Use this add-on and you will be able to download Wyze App on PC Windows 10 & Mac. View the live footage from your security camera with the help of Wyze For PC… "

Does “Wyze App for PC” work? Does anyone have another solution if you want to view/edit/be notified by your Wyze cameras on a computer?

At one time there was a scammy fake “Wyze app” on the windows store, which did nothing and was probably malicious. currently the only way to use the Wyze app on a Windows PC is through some sort of Android emulator. The new Mac laptops with the m1 chip supposedly can run the Wyze mobile app.


Also, Windows 11 plans to have an Android emulator built-in, and Wyze is still planning to create web access. So it is a constantly evolving situation.


I’m hoping Windows works with Wyze and I’m holding my breath until it does … although maybe I shouldn’t be holding my breath.

I’m way too young to die (of disappointment)(again).

I see someone put up a question about the Chrome Add-on:

Funny that the Chrome store Wyze related app and Android emulator apps have lack documentation instructing the user what to do after installing the Chrome extension. I’ll stick to Bluestacks since it works okay. Lack of documentation, or faulty documentation, seems to me to be generally related to developers in faraway countries with minimal knowledge of the most common languages.

Sounds right. Thanks everyone for your comments. Wyze needs to update their app so you can view and manage your cameras via a desktop computer. Some old guys like me have trouble seeing the screen and working with the app on a cell phone.

Been requested at least 4,437 times, lol. Wyze is working on a web browser version, not a native one. Vote for it here:


Cam Plus camera subscription would likely be required for an online PC browser access to cameras. The really bad cameras that I had before discovering Wyze all required a monthly subscription in order to access the cameras online, which makes sense because it’s got to be awfully expensive to set up and maintain and they are a profit oriented business.

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On windows 10, i installed bluestacks android emulator. Downloaded the app and it works fine. I used for about a year now.


Thanks. When you say app - it is called “bluestacks android emulator”.
Where do I get it?


I saw 3rd party made extensions, but they all had only 1 or 2 stars. That’s actually what brought me to the forum in the 1st place. I don’t download ANYTHING to my computer that I don’t trust & I wouldn’t trust anything I haven’t heard of. When it comes to computers & security, name recognition/ trusted reputations are worth every penny & it’s not worth the risk to go with something else.