Insstall on Computer

Can I access the camera my computer? I have the camera synced with my phone and tablet but I don’t always have them with me and would like to sync with HP computer.

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this is currently on the #wishlist!

You can also use a free Android emulator, BlueStacks. This will allow you to view the cameras on your computer, but it may be unstable at times.

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So the shorter answer is “no”. You probably don’t want to delve into the workarounds. :frowning:

i typed in the google playstore address bar ( bluestacks 2 , and about 25 or so apps came up? which app and what is the name do i use to download to my PC so i can view my wyze cameras on my PC? JP

No, it’s not an Android app in the Play store. It’s an entire virtual environment you install on a PC. It pretends to be an Android device and you install apps inside.

I wouldn’t go anywhere near it. There is talk of malware and excessive system demands. But I don’t know, I’ve never used it.

Even if it’s safe and effective it’s a level of complexity not suitable for many people.

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