View Cameras on Laptop/PC

I would like to view my cameras on my laptop and desktop. Any suggestions on how I can do this?

Downloading an android emulator, like BlueStacks, and then download the vwyze app. Or loading rtsp beta firmware and using a third party camera monitoring software.

Will WYZE offer viewing on laptops/desktop instead of just the phone via the web?
Would be easier for older folks to see their cameras.

I can watch them on my computer by going here: Live stream - Wyze. Although, it won’t show the cams that were paid for with google play services. When I found that out, I made sure that all the other cams were signed up/paid for from their web site. Also, it won’t work on Firefox, but does on Google Chrome browser.

The cam also needs to have Cam Plus to view on the Wyze Live Stream.

Thanks. Forgot about that.