How do I view Wyze Cameras on computer?


I have four Wyzecam’s and think they are great. I have them working in the Android app.

I’d like to view the video on my computer in a browser, with VLC, or some other software.

How do I view the camera from a computer (not a phone/tablet)?


There is no WYZE solution yet.
Read here:


There are only two options I’m aware of since Wyze doesn’t offer PC viewing or a web browser interface. One of the options is to instal an android emulator like Blue Stacks and use the Wyze app or Tiny Cam app in the emulator. The other option would be to install the Wyze RTSP firmware which is not supported regularly and use any of a number of camera viewing softwares. Actually, if going RTSP there’s also a 3rd option of 3rd party firmware such as Defang Hacks to name one, but that’s pretty uncommon and there’s very little help available going that route


Another option, that I use, is running tinyCam server on an Android TV box.
You can then view the tinyCam server in any browser.

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If TinyCam has figured out how to get a video feed from the Wyze, why doesn’t Wyze publish the specs that are making this possible so that we can build software to run on a PC. Maybe it’s possible for VLC to be able to play a video stream from a Wyze camera with just a few tweaks.

I don’t want to put the RTSP firmware on my Wyze cameras because I still want to use them in the Wyze app and RTSP isn’t well supported.

RTSP isn’t the only way to stream video. How is Tinycam able to do what they do? Why won’t the Wyze folks help us figure this out?


I assume WYZE and @alexey.vasilyev (tinyCam) have some kind of monetary deal that WYZE does not want to divulge.

I hope not. That would be against the character that Wyze has portrayed.

Wyze claims their customers are friends. If we’re friends, why won’t you tell me how Tinycam is able to pull a video feed from the camera? You don’t have to provide support for this, but why not share the info?

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They probably will - if you approach them as a known developer with a very well established software product.


tinyCam Monitor for Android supports all major vendors (350+) of network/IP cameras, DVRs/NVRs, and more than 10,000 ONVIF Profile S compatible cameras including cheap Chinese cameras. Internal Android camera (front and back) is also supported to use the app as an IP camera or dashcam. The list is constantly updated (July 22, 2020).

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Alexy is a great developer. He answers questions within hours, sometimes minutes. He’ll also fix software problems within hours.
A good guy to have supporting your (WYZE) products.


Couldn’t agree more!!

And his TinyCam has been around for a lot longer than Wyze - the website copyright starts in 2012. If anything Wyze was probably eager to have TinyCam support their cameras!

I agree that Alexy is awesome. I paid for TinyCam Pro many years ago and still enjoy it.

However, Wyze shouldn’t care if I’m a hobby developer working in my basement or the maker of a popular product. Just release the info publicly and let people who want to build solutions around Wyze cameras go forth. It doesn’t make sense to do anything other than this. Especially if you are truly friends with your customers/users. Right?

I use the tinycam pro on my amazon fire stick and can view my wyze cams via rtsp that way.

WYZE RTSP firmware or another one?
Do you find the camera connection stable enough?

BlueStacks I think it’s the best option. I used it for about a year and it worked great and it timed you find yourself using other apps on BlueStacks instead of your phone especially if I’m typing was involved lol.

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I hadn’t thought of using BlueStacks. Thanks. It works great.

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Yes we have used BlueStacks too.

But really isn’t the best solution for Wyze to start treating us like friends and tell us how Tinycam is able to pull the video stream from the camera? Clearly it’s possible. There are plenty of us open source developers that would happily build a free viewer if you’d just tell us how to pull a video stream.

C’mon, Wyze. You said we’re friends, right? Why won’t you tell us?


Sounds like Windows has an Android interface available on the “developer channel” so maybe Microsoft will have its own BlueStacks knockoff.

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Android Police: Windows begins wide rollout of new app features for Your Phone.

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I have tiny cam pro also And what I think is that while the app is able to detect the stream It’s not really able to access it . I could be wrong But I’ve tried to access my camera from there and I’m not able to.