Website to view cameras

This is a feature request. I would like a website to view my wyze cam on the computer, the screen is bigger and it would be easier to go back and look at motion recordings.


We’ve been told by Wyze that this is probably not going to happen. There are, however, a couple of workarounds:

  1. Install an Android emulator on your computer and run the Wyze app from within that. BlueStacks works for me on macOS.
  2. Run the TinyCam Pro app on a dedicated Android device. This app has a built-in web server capability and can access Wyze Cams.

That’s unfortunate, I could run bluestacks but that’s a lot more work then a website would be. Maybe it would be easier for them to make Windows 10 app or MacOS app. Again this is a feature request.

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What can those with Windows 10 and not using Android do?

The feature request has been recorded. But as I mentioned, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

See my post just above. I think your only choices are to run an emulator on your Win machine or to purchase an inexpensive Android device to run TinyCam Pro 24/7.

The other option would be for Wyze to provide the API for users to access their data stored on the Wyzecam. Then the community can provide applications for viewing the data outside the two mentioned above. The issue is not unlike closed proprietary systems versus open data or systems that have plagued computer users from the beginning.

The problem with the emulator (which I use and it works well) is that you are using the Android Wyzecam app which is OK on an Android phone but is limited because of the target interface. The interface on a desktop or webpage can be much better IMO.


This is a must feature in my opinion. (Computer View of Cameras).
Other popular cameras have this option. I don’t want to reach for a small screen (phone), when I have computer monitor in front of me!

For this reason alone, I will look to other cameras than Wyze.

This solution works but ONLY if you are on the same internal network.

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Nice write up. But too painful and scary for a non coder. I want to share the cam with a neighbour who does not have a smart phone so just a web sight address would be best. I have a bunch of logi circle cams and can just log in to a web sight. Far easier. But I don’t want to share my credentials.


How this isn’t basic functionality is beyond me. What’s the point of it being HD if you can only view it on a phone?!?!?!


if you have Cam Plus, you can stream your cameras via the My Wyze Portal located here:

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