Webview for the rest of us

I have 10 wyze cameras but do not have cam plus nor do I need it. I would like to view my cameras on my computer. Web view has been talked about for years, will we ever see it? By web view I m=mean not having to buy a cam plus subscription. If I had to run my own server I would be happy to do that, I do understand it need to be viable for Wyze.

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Are you aware of the various hack projects that can provide this via RTSP and/or TinyCam Pro for Android that will provide its own web server for you to view your Wyze cameras? And/or the ability to run the Wyze app on a PC through various means?


Yes I know about tiny cam, but as a iPhone and Mac user I don’t have the hardware. I was hoping for a solution such as those who pay for cam plus.

Unfortunately there is no solution for us Apple heads :slight_smile:
I use Screen Mirroring to my Samsung and Roku TVs or my Mac.

EDIT: If you have one of the new non Intel Macs, you can install Wyze App.

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Okay, but since you said you’re willing to start up a new server, grabbing any old Android phone or tablet and running TinyCam is one solution to your needs. And those two wz hacks projects are still viable for you too, among other things.

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