Wyze web view local view

Hi, Is there any way to access the cameras without connecting to the internet?

It seems like in Web view the videos are uploaded to a server then I have to download them to my PC.

My internet connection is slow and intermittent and if I could just view the cameras over my local network it would speed up the process and save bandwidth.


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For local streaming, you have a few options:

  • Use the Wyze App [on your phone, which is also connected to the same local network as your cams], instead of a PC
  • Use the RTSP firmware for the V2 or V3 cams (but then some features may no longer work as well on the camera including some cam plus benefits)
  • Use a third-party solution like Tiny Cam Pro. Then you can tell one of your devices that is running tiny cam (like your phone) to act as a server, and you can then type into a browser on your computer the local address for the camera broadcast and view it all locally that way.
  • You can also install an android emulator like Bluestacks onto your computer and download the Wyze app (or Tiny Cam) onto that so you can view your cams locally through the computer.
  • You can use an iOS computer/Tablet and use the Wyze app that way.

The Wyze web view would be the preferred option if I could get it working properly, it seems to be very buggy, or I am not setting it up properly.

I would like to leave it open in a browser window and check it once in a while during the day, but when I come back to the browser window it logs me out, and I must go through the process of logging in again and that sometimes just fails, and I am unable to login.

I may need to try the Tiny Cam Pro to see if that works better.

It is a shame that Wyze does not have a useable PC interface, I use a phone when away from home but find them too restrictive at home when I have 5 PCs with large monitors available.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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Currently the webview is in beta and I must stress the beta part as there are quite a few bugs and things to be worked out. It has been worked on for quite a bit now but there are a lot of hurdles there. I would advise @carverofchoice ’ advice in this regard for the time being


Thanks, I will give the Tiny Cam Pro app a go.

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