Wyze Cam V2 & V3 on WiFi but without Internet

I have four Wyze camera’s that I only use when I am at my house, I don’t need remote access for them. On my network I have disabled their access to the internet, so that I can access their video streams while I am in the house. When the internet connection is unblocked for these devices, I don’t have any issues connecting to them. I have reserved their IP addresses on my network, so that should stay fixed.

Both V2 and V3 cameras have an issue, where it can take 5 tries to connect to the cameras, sometimes I can’t at all until I cycle power on them. Sometimes I have to completely close the Wyze app and try to connect to them a few times again for them to work. Once connected, for the next hour I don’t normally have an issue reconnecting to the streams.

Has anyone else tried to do this with success ? Is there alternative firmware for local streaming ?

You can try the RTSP firmware.
They way the Wyze cameras work, they are essentially totally Internet dependent. When the cameras first power up, they are a doorstop until they are able to check in with the Wyze servers and get their configuration. In order to connect to the cameras (with “normal” firmware), they must have an Internet connection. Once connected, no Internet connection is required if your phone and the camera are on the same LAN.

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RTSP firmware requires internet at startup as well. Also, that firmware is difficult to find since Wyze pulled it and it only works on a limited list of cameras: V2, V3, Pan V1. Can’t remember the others.

Regardless, internet connection is needed at boot time.

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As stated previously, on stock firmware, cams require internet access to your account on the server to get all their initial operating instructions and settings. After that, even with the cams on the same network as the device running the app, initiating a Peer to Pear stream with the cam from the app requires the internet to access the routing servers running the P2P setup protocols to secure the local stream. Once the stream is initiated and secured using those protocols from the internet servers, then the stream can continue without internet access. However, if the stream is dropped, it cannot be reestablished without internet.

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This seems ridiculous that the cameras require an internet connection for boot and for reconnect. I can understand needing internet for the initial device setup, but after that it should be optional. I was about to buy more cameras, but not now

That is the way they are designed - 100% Internet dependent.

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Please think twice before installing RTSP firmware. It is my experience that you cannot get normal functions if you revert to the stock firmware. In particular you cannot view events via the Wyze servers. If you want to see what happened you must pull your memory card.

I’ve never experienced that problem. I installed RTSP and flashed back to standard with no issues.

Same as WildBill. I have MANY of my V2, original Pan, and V3 cameras that have been in and out of RTSP several times. Not seen any problem.

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Well if it seems so, thats because it is. The design of these cameras is company addressable. They could change them to not require an internet connection but they wont. Its only required because thats how wyze wants it.

There is 3rd party firmware for the cameras that removes the digital leash the company puts on their devices.

Oh and a word to the Wyze. Theyre easily hackable. I know this from using them and my house was robbed twice with nothing to show in the cloud or Sd.

Do not ever rely on them for security or anything important!

Do not put them where you could be comprimised in any way. Ie walking around in the buff and so fourth.

They are simply not at all secure.

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That is the way they are designed - 98% Subscription dependent.

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