Wyze Cam V3 RTSP Reconnection

I have my Wyze Cam V3 all setup with the RTSP firmware.

However if I unplug the camera then it won’t reconnect to my router.

In order to get the cam to connect again I have to connect my router back to the internet.

Then I can disconnect the internet from the router. The cam will still work until I unplug it again.

Any idea how to get it to reconnect to the router without having to connect the router to the internet?

Thank you.

Hello @zooropean and welcome to the community. I have not tinkered with RTSP so i am not 100 percent sure, but i know on the regular firmware the camera must connect to the internet once after power is restored before it will record anything to the SD card. So it may be that it must connect once before it will start to record via RTSP also. Hopefully someone who uses that version of the firmware can chime in and correct me if I’m wrong.

Same thing with RTSP. For all practical purposes, the cameras are brain dead after powerup until they are able to check in with the Wyze servers.


Hmm so that means I will have to reconnect the internet to the router each time.

When I researched the RTSP firmware option I didn’t see that as a caveat, It only seemed like you need an internet connection on the initial setup.

Or leave the router connected…

In theory a great idea!

Except where it’s being installed there’s no internet access. Hence the use of RTSP.

Thank you.

Your only real hope at the moment is 3rd party firmware (mainly Dafang Hacks, if it works on the V3 yet). Wyze has shown no sign of making its own RTSP firmware less dependent on phoning home. (This is largely because their own RTSP firmware also supports their regular cloud and P2P services.)

Still not available. Only Wyze RTSP for the V3 right now.

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I think we would benefit from Wyze addressing this undocumented internet requirement for their RTSP firmware.

I and several others out there have done extensive testing and have confirmed that there is an attempt to reach Wyze’s servers and if it can’t (which a plenty of RTSP firmware users are not allowing/or even have an active internet connection for the camera) then it will do a soft reboot and you’ll lose your camera connection for about 15 seconds and this happens every 1-2 minutes.

Here’s a link to the other thread that has some more info from others who have experienced this issue.

And another here.

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