V3 camera won't work without internet ?!

Hey! If the Internet disappears and is not available in the future, if the camera’s power is lost, access to the camera is terminated (through a router, that is, through a local network). This means that in order to initialize the camera, it needs access to the Internet. In my opinion, this is an unacceptable restriction on the use of products for their intended purpose. When can we expect firmware fixes to resolve this misunderstanding?


Unfortunately, that is working as designed. All Wyze products are cloud based and need access to their servers in order to work. You can access them using workarounds when the internet connection is down or missing but not using the Wyze app.


I don’t really understand why, when there is no Internet, when the camera is powered up, it does not try to connect to the last device (smartphone) with which it worked in the local network (just restore the last connection). I checked - it’s all about the camera, your application can work without the Internet (but could not turn off the camera from the application). In my opinion, this functionality can be implemented (you can use an sd card to store information about the last communication session). And then somehow not comme il faut!

It does work that way as long as you don’t lose power or reboot the camera after it last has Internet.

Likely never. However there is RTSP available for both the V2 and V3 (in beta) that will obviate some of your concern, if you are comfortable configuring it.


So I watch this camera, you can shoot in a horror movie in the lead role! No connection, bad weather - power outages. You are in a country house with a high fence and this is where all this begins …

Sorry. This is not tolling. This is my black humor!

I connected to the camera via RTSP, but the delay is ~ 2 seconds. In wyze app ~ 1 second. I want to use V3 as a portable rear view camera in cars and a security camera in the car too. Is it possible to reduce video latency? Reducing the resolution has no effect.

Hmm, probably not? I would also strongly advise against using anything as a backup camera that is not explicitly designed for it. Way too dangerous.


First, unless you are mounting that camera fairly low and around the rear bumper, there is no way you could compensate for the loss in lens angle to provide you a clear view of your vehicle rear. These cameras are not designed to be used in automotive applications. Latency is due to a wifi-connection which never mimic or compensate for lower throughput which is the reason why rear-view cameras are generally hard wired (my last four vehicles which came with OEM rear view cameras were all wired)
As Customer already pointed out, it is too dangerous to rely on these cameras in the applications they are not designed for.

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I’ve used V2’s as “portable car backup cams” for backing up my trailers and my dually truck.
Plus I’ve put one on my Front End Loader (FEL) of my 50HP tractor when doing close maneuvering. But this is not like the backup cam on my 2019 Ford Escape.

I’ve also used them to monitor grass growing and water boiling.


Are you using wyze app or RTSP protocol?

Use the Wyze cam v2 with the “Wyze Car” app. This is the app for their RC car but it has an option to connect without the internet and has low enough latency to drive the little RC car so may be better for your application as well.

After testing RTSP, it was found - in the absence of the Internet (you can see the camera constantly tries to connect to the cloud once a minute), the video transmission also stops (according to the protocol, it is similar to timing in 6 seconds, like a disconnection). Depending on the software (its own timeout is added), the video stops from 5 to 40 seconds. The program with the minimum time, has a video playback delay of 2 seconds.

I repeat, this camera works correctly only if, when the supply voltage is applied, it was able to reach its cloud on the Internet. This is a significant drawback.

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Bought BESDER 1080p from Xiongmai (XMEye) for 27$ with PTZ on Ali. Works without internet via onvif (3 video streams via rtsp 720p and 1080p). There is a flashlight. Satisfied.

I also have found the v3 camera to reboot continuously when there is no internet. I have my cameras isolated on a separate subnet that has no access to the internet

The v2 cameras with the RTSP firmware work fine without the internet, but looks like that’s not the case for the v3

I’ll see if I can write an automated firewall rule that’ll temporarily open a hole when the v3 first comes online and then lock things back down after a bit. Otherwise, I’ll probably have to return the v3 and find a v2 or another camera

Macster2075 -

I am trying out one last thing here. I thought of this… since Wyze requires internet on their cameras… I will give them internet…but am making them almost unreliable haha… I gave them bandwidth of 0.1 Mbps which makes them almost unusable to view as they hardly connect at that speed…but they still work great in Blue Iris at fulls speeds.

I will keep an eye on them and see if I still have that issue…I think it should be ok because they ARE connected to the internet, so they will link, but other than that, they are pretty much useless haha.
No one from Wyze will be able to view them at those speeds.

I have been testing it and so far I haven’t seen any of them disconnect and reconnect…but they work flawlessly with Blue Iris lol.

So when trying to watch them using the Wyze app…it’s impossible… they just spin and spin haha.

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Were you thinking you should be able access the camera via local WiFi that’s not connected to the WAN, like a printer-style connection? That’s not in the Wyze design that I know of. Nor most other brands.

You’d need plain CCTV cameras for that concept, with all their limitations.

I got an SQ13 mini camera and a boblov F1 recorder that work as a WI-FI access point. But I focus on ONVIF with WAN / LAN / WI-FI with the ability to work locally without the Internet.

So nobody has come up with a solution for this then other than give them internet?