Use Cam v3 without internet? (But maybe with wifi!)

I’d like to use a Cam v3 in a remote warehouse location without an internet connection. I’ve seen conflicting older posts about whether you can even move and use a Wyze Cam to a location without internet. (Maybe it was only possible with earlier firmware? Is there a workaround for v3?)

I also have a spare wireless router, so I could set up a local wireless network (but not internet connected) to view recordings from the cam’s SD card on a phone or laptop – which would be ideal.

Is any of this possible with v3? I understand I need to set up the camera in a location where I can go online first. (I could do that with the spare router, and then take both to the non-internet location.)

If the router/local network-without-internet won’t help, but the camera recording will still happen, that’s OK. I’ll just retrieve the SD card as needed.

Any suggestions or insight appreciated… and if I should save myself frustration and just forget Wyze cams for this, let me know!

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Save yourself frustration and just forget Wyze cams for this.

They cannot do what you want at present.

Without an Internet connection they will stop working somewhere between 24 hours and the next time they are rebooted.

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Thanks - that’s the conclusion I was slowly coming to.

Also – if the Cam 3 is not going to work in this non-internet setting, is it worth considering the new Wyze Outdoor Cam? Looks like it can go offline for extended periods with the travel setting…

I’d say kinda maybe? I know little about the WCO model but it has some frustrating limitations. Read the specs and, more importantly, user experiences in the forum and elsewhere so you know what you’re getting into.

One way people get around this problem is with an old phone acting as a 3G/4G hotspot. It works well for some “use cases” as long as you’re not streaming forever (and even if you are, if you have a reasonably priced data plan).

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