Using camera without wifi

If you are using your camera in a remote location without WI-FI (i.e. plugged into an outlet in my remote cabin and by the way I have already set up the camera with WiFI in my metro home) can it record to the micro-card with Motion only or does it have to record continuously?

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just an idea so you can test it out
setup the camera as you suggested at home, unplug it and turn off the SSID (wifi) that it is connects to
plug it back in for a while, then unplug it
now you turn the wifi back on and plug it in again

if you can view recorded footage, that means it records, if not then no

The same thought crossed my mind but my wife has to keep our Wi-Fi on uninterrupted. So I figured I would just post the question. Before Make the long trip to the cabin I think I’ll just simply take the Wyzecam to a business With no Wi-Fi (but with Electrical outlets ) and plug it in quickly and let it be for a minute or two and then do a little dance in front of it bring it back home and see what I have.
Hopefully it records only my little dance!

What version of camera? V3, V2 and PanCams need wifi/internet to start up. They won’t record anything on SD card until they connect to the Wyze servers.

Actually I have already connected it to the Wyze servers and that squared away so no problem there. And now they’re unplugged and ready to be plugged into a remote location. Don’t want to turn off my Wi-Fi here at home as my wife needs it continuously. So it looks like all I need to do is go out to a retail location with no Wi-Fi find an outlet plug it in and see what happens it will cert record to the micro card. I have the setting before I unplugged it to record on motion and while I know that will happen when it’s on Wi-Fi just don’t know that will happen as a stand-alone without Wi-Fi.

And by the way I know the cameras not version 3 it’s either version one or two.

Every time you power up the camera, it needs to check in with the Wyze servers before it will do much of anything - including record to the uSD card.

you can set it up with a hotspot on your phone and then turn off the hotspot?

that or just plug it in someone outside of your home and see what happens

I know when internet is down you lose live view but i am not mistaken it still records

Only if the camera has already connected to the Wyze servers at boot. You can use your phone as a hotspot but you’ll probably have to reset the wifi on the camera which isn’t as easy as it sounds. I think you may need two phones. One with the Wyze app and one to work as the hotspot. If you power down the camera it will need to reconnect to the internet before it will work.

Yep I’ll not have Internet nor any kind of use of a hot spot. Will be strictly using the cameras as a security camera in a very remote location recording to the micro card and of course with the camera hidden and camouflaged. I just only wanted to record when there’s motion I have no interest in it continuously recording. So if someone breaks and I do want know who the culprit was. I’ll find out soon.

The Wyze cameras won’t work that way. The only one that might is the Outdoor Camera in travel mode. If you need something that doesn’t need internet/wifi, Wyze probably isn’t the answer.

Hate to correct you on something but it definitely does work that way. I’ve used it before that way I just couldn’t recall if it was recording continuously or recording on motion it was a couple of years ago but it it does very well in fact I have an email from the Wyze helpdesk that I just found that verifies it will definitely work that way. If you haven’t tried using yours that way in it works like a charm. You can verify yourself by just googling can you use your Wyze camera without the Internet as a standalone camera and you’ll see the verification. The only thing that you have to do is once you pull the other package is to set it up through the Wyzecam app after that she’s ready to go you can unplug it and take it to a remote area with no Internet whatsoever. Of course the only images you going to collect will be on the micro card nothing sent through the cloud.

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I did just located the Page and a half instruction sheet Wyzecam helpdesk sent me a couple years ago on how to set up the camera as a standalone camera with no Internet access to capture images on the micro card and have from learned from those that you can use it as a standalone to continuously record or you can use it to record via motion. Basically, you establish the settings where you have Wi-Fi and connect to the Wyze app and the camera stores them on an internal drive so when you unplug it and then take it to a remote location and plug it back into an electrical outlet, even though you have no Internet it recalls and stores your last commands.
I don’t know how to attach a file to this form exchange or I would share with you their response to me which even includes diagrams. So there you go I’ve got my answer and glad I don’t need to run out somewhere to test it first.

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Wild Bill,

Go to this link (see below) it’s directly from Wyze. The company verifies that you can indeed use the camera without Internet. again with the understanding that you would only be recording to the micro card you’re not going to be able to view anything live or be able to record anything to the cloud of course without the Internet.

That was years ago. That changed in a firmware update a couple years ago. Unless you have the ancient firmware, there is no way to record to the uSD card until the cameras chat with the Wyze servers after they power up.
The only exception is if you have RTSP firmware, you CAN connect to a camera via RTSP. It still won’t record to the uSD card however.

From Wyze:

Contact Wyze directly… I have and the customer service says it can plus I have their email directly from them. Also I have verified it myself disconnecting my Internet tonight …,so what more do you need. If you can’t figure it out let me know I can walk you through it and you can verify yourself. You don’t need to be tech savvy to do it.

Wild Bill you can go on Google and find anything. I found the same comments you posted where someone mistakenly said nope you can’t do it.

I just took a snapshot of the instructions the Wyze helpdesk sent to me a couple years ago explaining in detail how it’s done. On top of that I also verified tonight with my Wyze versions I and II cameras it works this way. Perhaps you have a version three and it no longer applies but I doubt if that’s the case . If you indeed have a Wyze version I or II and can’t get yours to work without Internet then you no doubt have a faulty camera(s).

Bottom line you’re saying it can’t be done whereas Wyze corporation says it can be certainly be done and I have done it.
Read the attached instructions from Wyze and give it a go maybe you’ll get lucky this time.

Wild Bill…straight from Wyze…see below. Plus I have done it tonight successfully. If you can’t you’ve got a faulty camera. Don’t need to be tech savy to make it happen.
Just need to turn off the internet. Below is straight from the Wyze help desk. Sorry you’ve been mislead.

Can You Use Wyze Cam Without Internet? Yes, you can use the Wyze Cam without internet but first you need to complete a few steps prior.

  1. Setup the Wyze Camera (Steps here from Wyze’s website)
  2. Install a SD card to your Wyze Camera (Steps in a Video below)
  3. Change your settings to record your videos locally to your SD Card (on Event or Continuously)
    Now you can move your Wyze Camera to another location without internet and it should record if it has a power source.

can you let us know if you are on the latest firmware? just in case i might find myself needing to record without internet one day