Recording Without WIFI Or Hotspot?

Going camping where there is no internet or cell phone coverage for a hotspot. I want to setup my V3 camera outside to record motion or if I have to a continuous recording. It has a large memory card in it.
Once I turn it on will it record regardless of whether or not it is connected to a WIFI type source?
I see old posts from 2019 that talk about connecting to WIFI must be done initially then it can be disconnected from WIFI and it will continue to record?
Would really like to get this to work somehow. I hope to get new answers to this old question.
I have done the battery pack thing before so I am aware of that. Also aware that if power goes off it will stop and need to be connected to the WIFI once more when power restored. So, I have read some of the similar posts kind of wondering if anything has changed in the software or anything.


Nothing has changed. The V2 & V3 still need Internet access to boot, or they can’t record to the SD card.

You could try an Outdoor Camera in Travel Mode with scheduled recording.


Was some discussion about this recently by another member, where @K6CCC uses the devices as “Dash Cams”

Check out the detail here and below.


@K6CCC boots his cameras before he leaves the house. No WiFi is required after boot, but you must have it to boot after any power interruption.


In my case, the cameras stay powered 24 x 7.


Thanks for your reply.
Does the Wyze Cam Outdoor REQUIRE the base station or can I just get the camera and be able to have it do what I want?

The first procedure under the Travel Mode link tells you how to do it without the Base station. The base station is really only needed if you have more than 1 Outdoor Camera with you.

Be sure to activate Travel Mode before you leave home, though.

Also, if you plan to power the Outdoor Camera outdoors, then you need a special waterproof connector to keep the camera waterproof. That comes automatically with the Wyze Solar Panel, but if you want a standard power cable you will need something like the one below (the power adapter must be indoors, though).

You do not need anything special if you are powering it indoors.

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