WYZE Cam v.3 use without internet / WIFI

Please notify me how I may use a WYZE CAM v.3 without internet / WIFI . My intentions is to simply have it do photos or video directly to the internal micro sd card and view later. Tell me that is possible and what steps to take.

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Never will happen

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You can’t do that with the V3. It requires the internet to function. However, you can do that with the outdoor cam through travel mode and scheduled recording.


Thanks for the info. So your saying it is impossible to have it record independently without WIFi internet. I am really hoping to accomplish this

The V3 requires internet for the scheduling and rules. The only camera that has the ability to still run schedules for photos or videos offline is the outdoor cam.

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Look on Youtube

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Others have told you correctly that the OFFICIAL answer is that Wyze cams require internet. This is an accurate answer.

There are some sort of loopholes though. For example, what some people I know do to be able to as you’re requesting (record to the microSD card even though there is no ongoing internet available) is they will put the camera where they want it (For example, one guy put it in a warehouse that has no internet, but he still wanted to record incase there was a break-in or something). He would turn on the “Hotspot” feature on his phone, and tell the Wyze cam to connect to that hotspot internet while he activated the camera. THEN, once it is activated and recording, he can disable the internet/hotspot. Now the cam does not have internet at all anymore, BUT it continues to record to the SD card like he wanted. Using a 128GB card he can record for around 10+ days on continuous recording, or he can just set it to only record motion events and now an SD card will record a long length of time, depending on how much activity there is.

So there is a sort of loophole. You DO need internet in order for the cam to turn on and start recording, but once it has authenticated with Wyze servers and starts recording, then you can cut the internet off and it will keep recording to the SD card as long as it doesn’t lose power or reboot for some reason. If it ever loses power or reboots THEN you must reconnect it to internet for it to boot up and start recording again.

So again, what everyone told you is true…internet is currently required [for a V3], BUT you can set it up to keep recording even when there isn’t internet constantly available.

As for other cams:

  • V2 cams have the option of flashing them to 3rd party firmware to not need internet (it will no longer work with Wyze if you do this).
  • Wyze Cam Outdoor has a “Travel Mode” and more suited to the purposes you’re looking for. They can be set up to work without any internet at all and just record to an SD card any time they sense motion. This model cam was designed to fit this need.

Best of luck whatever you decide.