Can’t record without internet

I have two cameras and was using them before moving to my current location which doesn’t have internet. I’ve read the blogs and have set the cameras to local recording to sd card with continuous recording. When I plug the camera in the yellow light comes on flashing then the unit just shuts off and won’t record.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’m a new user but I suspect you need the internet to complete set-up. Your phone connects to the camera over the internet even though you may be standing next to it.

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You could use the travel mode on the Wyze cam outdoor. This would work as long as you don’t need to see the livestream remotely.

No one gets Outdoor Cam yet. not until Sept?

There is no travel mode with V1, V2 or Pan.

It needs internet even for local recording.

In order to fully function, Wyze cams have to connect to WyzeHQ servers (over the internet) when they power up. Even if the camera had been previously configured for continuous recording to the SDcard, they still require internet connection to start up.

Once the camera starts up, connects to internet, authenticates with Wyze, obtains network time via NTP, (and transmits who know what personal and private information), it will then start recording to SDcard if that’s how you configured it. The internet connection can then be removed – the camera will continue to record. Until it loses power.

There’s lots of information on the topic of off-line recording in this thread.


You cannot use Direct Wifi.

No internet, no playback through Wyze app.
you need to remove sd card and use a video player.


It will ship in August and it is sold out currently.

Thanks for the link, basically I’m SOL! Guess I’ll look for something that does work without internet.

You’re welcome.

Note that if you have a smartphone with cellular data (at your current location), you can use the smartphone’s hotspot to bootstrap the camera and persuade it to start recording. You can turn off smartphone, and/or leave the premises. The cam will continue to record to the SDcard (in the absence of internet connection) until it loses power. Then you’re SOL, until you reactivate the hotspot and let the cam reconnect to WyzeHQ.

FWIW, after Wyze removed support for proper off-line recording last year, I reverted to using GoPro. Much less functionality, but does the job. I run it off USB battery (when I’m ‘off-line’, I’m really off the grid :smiley: )

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The early access period ended and those units were all sold. The general release will open in the future when Wyze says so and it will be available then to the public.

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I am interested what version of firmware and app will work. or you are talking about RTSP?

You wrote:

That’s not quite accurate. It needs internet access to boot up and then commence local recording. But will continue recording if/when internet access is terminated (as long as it still has power).

Not talking about the RTSP load.

I don’t know what version of firmware/app will work. Offline operation stopped working for me early in 2019.

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Interesting part is that you cannot view it without internet.

if you take the sd card out, you need to stop the power not to wreck the sd card. then you need internet to restart. you still need internet. can we just remove and replug sd card with power on without damaging card?
if sd card is damaged, no local recording neither.
Most toy can do without internet.

Do you know why Wyze decided removing the no internet viewing feature

Yep - it’s a Catch-22. Details here. Removing the SDcard while the camera is busy writing to it (as it would be with continuous recording) is not advisable.

No idea. My guess is that they decided to “lock down” their gear from a security perspective (requiring devices and apps to authenticate with WyzeHQ), but didn’t think through the architecture. Offline operation was really not part of their design intent.

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From what I am reading then, I cannot setup on my home network, power down and move to a non internet location. I did see one reply using your phone as a hotspot, but when I tried, the setup did not see my hotspot ID. Any suggestions?

As a follow up, it has worked before (setting up on home network and moving to another location after powering down and powering back up). It wasn’t until recently that it didn’t record off internet at another location.