Recording to SD's when not able to connect with internet

I think it would be really useful for the camera to just record events to the SD card when the internet’s out (or I"m using the camera in a location away from the router)
Set it up as normal with a router then have the ability to move the camera. When It powers up, if no internet then record to card with the previously loaded configuration.
(possibly check occasionally for internet return to resume normal options?)
Besides monitoring my garage or other outside locations, it would make it useful for recording auto/motorcycle/bike/kayak rides…adding a whole new catagory of sales (&work) for you…
Thanks for such a great product line… I’m so glad I supported you in the beginning…

The ability to record off-line (where there’s no internet) has been requested frequently.

It used to work once upon a time, but no more.

There’s a Wishlist item that you can vote for that might influence priorities at Wyze HQ.


up voted yours… maybe if enough of us…
it really would be lovely…

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I agree - they are leaving money on the table. Lots of potential sales to Customers who want to use the cameras off-line.

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