Cameras offline again

Glad I pay for this. Cameras were convienently down when I had items stolen from my yard today.

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There was an outage last night.

If you have an SD card in the camera, you should still be able to recover the local recordings.

If you don’t currently use an SD, I would highly recommend getting one so you have recordings backed up in case of an outage, internet problems, etc.

assuming recording to sd card would function

As long as the camera booted up and had internet at some point before it went offline, then it would continue to record to the SD card. There are a couple of camera models that lose timekeeping functions when they go offline and so the recordings get stored in a different naming convention, but they are still there if you pull out the SD card and put it in a computer or cell phone to read the card directly.

continous recording depend on number of factors, sd card quality, bugs in camera model firmware.
many users when experience connectivity problems, first thing they power cycle camera and so without internet access upon restart, sd card recording will not resume.

Even if you power cycle the cameras when there is no internet access, the footage is still being recorded to micro SD card. The main problem is playing it back in the Wyze app. Without the online connection, the camera will start generating a random dated folder to save the recordings. As a result, you will need to physically remove the micro SD and play it back on a PC or a phone. Having said that if you know the folder date, then I believe you can play it back in the app as well.

After yesterday’s server outage I was still able to view my camera recordings in the app perfectly even after a power cycle. I’m guessing the cameras were still able to connect to NTP server to keep the recordings in sync.

I having the same problem and I deleted the camera and I am trying to reinstall and now all it says is " ready to Connect" but , won’t go to the next step. Of course I am 2 days past returning it