Wyze Cam OG doesn't record to SD if internet is lost

I recently had an internet outage. I went to check for some footage during the internet outage and realized that all 5 of my Wyze Cam OG models had not recorded anything during the internet outage even though they all have fully functioning SD cards installed in them. I contacted Wyze support and they said that the cameras should have recorded, but then I have seen forum topics with other people having the same issue - is Wyze support just incompetent, or do I have something messed up with my camera settings that causes it not to record during an internet outage? It successfully records continuously to SD all the time, just not when it lost internet. If this is the typical behavior of the OG cam then that is insane and honestly false advertising as they do not state anywhere on the product page that you must have an internet connection to record footage, they claim “24/7 recording to Wyze SD card” which is blatantly untrue.

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Known that the OG cameras stop recording during an internet outage. And yes, that is absolutely crazy. All the other cameras will continue recording during an outage (as long as they don’t lose power).

I would hesitate to call it “known”, because it is not mentioned anywhere on the product page that the device requires internet 24/7 in order to function. As far as I’m concerned they are falsely advertising the capabilities of the device. Their support claims that it is supposed to record even without internet, but I have a feeling that is just support not knowing what they are supposed to know. Is there any planned update to fix this (essentially) defective product?

It’s very well known here on the forum - lots of threads about this. So yes, well known.

As I am just another user, I have no knowledge or influence on any changes to the firmware.

Yeah unfortunately this problem was reported as early as March 2023 AFAIK. According to SlabSlayer’s finding on Dec 7 2023, it will only record exactly 30 min after internet access is lost.

It wasn’t until Jan 6 2024 WyzeJasonJ post which mentioned the following:

We don’t know if it gets automatically overwritten after some time. Unfortunately, I don’t have Wyze OG Cam on hand so I can’t personally test this. Furthermore, I doubt there will be fix for this because I believe they used a different supplier for Wyze Cam OG so this is very likely part of their core programing in the firmware. Wyze Cam V3 and Wyze V3 Pro don’t have this problem.

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Is there a way to connect my own camera to my own server that’s on my own local internet instead of Wyze’s server?