Wyze Cam OG not recording with no internet

I Recently upgraded all of the WCv2 to the new OG, and my cameras will not record to local SD card while the wifi is off / having errors. Kind of defeats the purpose of the SD Card when you have to have Internet connection to record any events… My V2’s did not do this, the single V2 that i was still running kept recording.

I just noticed that my cameras for what ever reason stopped communicating to the internet. They had IP’s i could ping them locally. But showed as “offline” in Wyze app, I restarted my router and they all came back “online” but show NO SD Card recordings for the last 6 days. They now show that they are currently recording. I don’t check the camera app often i primarily use these for the constant recording feature if something happens.

Has anyone else noticed or experienced this.

I do not have an OG but this has been posted about numerous time on the forum. Here is one of many.