Wyze CAM OG not recording to SD card

I have two (2) CAM OGs that I bought a few months ago as a newer version of CAM v3s that I have (several). They don’t appear to work properly.

Both cameras have latest firmware (v1.0.67). They also failed on prior firmware level.

When the cameras are connected to internet, they appear to work. They detect motion events either individual events or continuous recording, as configured.

However, if they lose internet connectivity, the cameras do not record motion events or continuously to the SD card, depending on how configured. This is different behaviour than the CAM v3s which continued to record to the SD card.

Of course if someone disconnects internet connection (at demarc at side of house) or if internet connection goes down, it renders the security cameras useless.

Is this a known problem and if so, is it being fixed?
If not, what info do you need to resolve this issue?

I see some other posts by customers seeing similar issues w recording, regardless of internet connectivity.

Please advise.


This is a known characteristic of the OG Cams. If they loose internet, they stop recording.

It has been requested in the Wishlist that this characteristic be changed.

If you would like to request that Wyze add this feature, follow the link to the official Wyze Wishlist, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request.

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Does not make sense… install SD card to allow
Local recording BUT it requires internet connectivity?

Packaging does not state it requires internet connectivity in order to function.

This isn’t a wish list “feature request”… this local recording should work “out of the box”.

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Couldn’t agree with you more. The OG Cams were sourced by Wyze from a different partner manufacturing supplier. They are built on a different OS than the majority of the other cams. I believe the Doorbell Pro is also from this source. I suspect that it is this difference that makes them operate outside of the normal behavior expected from what the other cams do. Their firmware is quite unique when compared to the features of the other cams. There are also other differences in how it behaves that are somewhat frustrating as well.

I just tested the link in my Chrome for Android browser and it worked. You may find it by searching the Wishlist for the title.

Putting my 2 cents in here and else where. Recently purchased 9 OG’s. Just now found out the continuous recording won’t work without internet. Waste of money.


This is extremely disappointing news. Nowhere did I read that the newer OG needed internet connectivity to record ANYTHING AT ALL. What a waste. This needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY!


I have done some preliminary testing on an OG-S running current Firmware and have also received confirmation of similar results from other testers who replicated the test.

3 different variables were tested independently:

  • Blocked Cam Internet Access in Router
  • Removed Router from ISP Modem
  • Powered Off WiFi Network

In all cases, the OG-S continuously recorded to the SD Card for exactly 30m after internet access was lost before terminating SD Card continuous recording.


Could we get wyze staff reply on this issue?

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I was thinking about purchasing but not anymore unless they change this

I discovered the same issue on my V1 cameras and after years of using the cameras only recently discovered this issue when I needed to view the local sd “continuous” recordings. Hours of video is not there due to poor / remote internet connection.

What version of Cam and Pan Cam and firmware version can I depend on to record locally no matter what the wifi or internet connection is? If the camera has power it should record continuously locally.

[Mod Edit]! This is by design to force you to purchase the Cam plus subscription. A camera is supposed to record to SD card out of the box. Whether there’s Internet or not. I have been using Wyze cameras since they launched and have accumulated several cameras over the years. This is terrible. I will call their customer service about this issue

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