WYZE OG Telephoto has serious flaws that need addressed

@SlabSlayer did some test here previously and found out that after 30 min of internet access is lost it stops recording to the SD card.

In my opinion, there’s no way they will list this issue that openly and publicly as it is probably needs to vetted legally. Although this issue has been posted many times in the forum, it was not acknowledged up until recently where it was first mentioned by WyzeJasonJ on January 6th 2024 AFAIK looking back at the previous posts.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a OG cam on hand to verify Wyze’s findings where they claim it still records after 30 min of internet outage, but you need to physically remove the SD card to view the footage because it is saved in a different place.

I am trying to know if the V4 have the same issue. Wyze said they will test this and get back to me, but it’s been more than a week.