WYZE OG Telephoto has serious flaws that need addressed

Dear Support Team: I have a total of 23 WYZE cameras (too many to list, but I am familiar with just about every thing you’ve made) installed on my property. Of that, I have 3 OG Telephoto cameras. There are two serious issues that need fixed:

  1. If I have an internet outage, my OG Telephoto cameras stop recording on the card. NONE of my other WYZE cams do this.

  2. When I DO have an outtage, or even if I power cycle my internet modem or my AP router for any reason, the OG Telephoto cameras stop recording and will NOT resume recording until I restart the cameras.

Yes, all my cameras are up to date with the latest firmware.

This is insane. You (WYZE, the company) can’t expect customers to rely on these cameras for safety and security with these flaws. Is this an oversight of your design and develpment team? You presumably already know about the issue(s) I’ve listed, is there no fix?

I really like your produts - I have just about everything you’ve made! But this is pathetic. I had an overnight internet outage (based on my log of my modem, it only lasted for less than 4 minutes). But I missed recording a violent crime incident near my property at 4:00am because of this issue. I woke up with the confidence I could help a neighbor and LE with WYZE footage, ONly to find out the camera failed to record because it had not been rebooted. I’d like to hear a response to this isssue.


You #1 has been discussed many times before. Agreed, annoying.
I have three OG-Tele cameras and have not observed your issue #2. I may attempt to test that one.


I’d get a UPS for the modem+router. The cameras reconnect (maybe not the tele) faster because the router doesn’t go down.

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I use a TalentCell Mini UPS https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WLD32RP?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share to keep my router powered up in case of an outage. It also keeps my Hubitat Elevation hub and mesh powered up. I highly recommend this

This sounds like a fix-it Friday topic. hopefully this is not how the OG cams were designed (ie different than the rest)… Hopefully a firmware fix is possible. I will check out my OG cams.

I expect youmput in a customer service request to get this fixed.

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It wasn’t a power outage, it was an internet outage. The internet was down for a few minutes and stopped recording until I rebooted the cameras.


Yeah that is the flaw with OG camera. They used a new supplier for it and I don’t think it will be fixed as it is part of their core programing in the firmware. I believe the V3 and V3 Pro don’t have this problem. This #1 issue has existed as far back as March 2023, but the #2 issue you mentioned is new which makes it even significantly worse than before. That’s why I always try to recommend people to get the V3 or V3 Pro.

According to Wyze, the OG should continue to record even after 30min of internet outage, but it starts to save the recordings in a different place on the microSD so you will need to physically remove the microSD to view the videos.

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For consideration:
on issues like this, is it possible for Wyze team to have a product page that clearly states the known issue so that people buying cams are aware.


They have a known issues page but not all the problems are listed?


Great. Thanks.

@SlabSlayer did some test here previously and found out that after 30 min of internet access is lost it stops recording to the SD card.

In my opinion, there’s no way they will list this issue that openly and publicly as it is probably needs to vetted legally. Although this issue has been posted many times in the forum, it was not acknowledged up until recently where it was first mentioned by WyzeJasonJ on January 6th 2024 AFAIK looking back at the previous posts.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a OG cam on hand to verify Wyze’s findings where they claim it still records after 30 min of internet outage, but you need to physically remove the SD card to view the footage because it is saved in a different place.

I am trying to know if the V4 have the same issue. Wyze said they will test this and get back to me, but it’s been more than a week.

That is not good.

I didn’t see the grayed-out playback button.

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Interesting that they used a new supplier…!! I also didn’t know such an open issues list existed and obviously, they have decided not to list the issue I am having with my (15) OG’s. It keeps getting suggested that they are working on the issue.

This confirms my suspicion. The OG is a step-child and they have no intentions of supporting the product. They are STILL selling this problem on Amazon with it being a known inferior and flawed product… They propagating these issues into their current, or potentially new, user base. They should stand behind their products and recall the defective version they call an “OG”.

VERY disappointing move for WYZE !!!


I own an OG & an OG Telephoto. Both are, and have been sitting on the shelf with the elf, since I 1st tried them - a total waste of $. The OG can’t compete with the V3, and don’t get me started on the OG Telephoto, which performs like a V3 with a magnifying glass duck tapped to the lens - horrible field of view.
Your outage/recording issue is the icing on the cake, or should I say, fly in the soup. I wouldn’t sell them to my worst enemy. I’ll keep them in my personal Wyze Hall of Shame for posterity. On the upside, the purchase of these cameras has greatly reduced the number of knee-jerk ordering of the latest products simply because they’re the latest, or on sale. Speaking of “sale”, always save the product sale page to wherever it’s easiest to pull up & attach to an email. The “Free shipping” minimum order amounts are constantly changing, so much so that Wyze can’t even keep up with them. It took me 4 hours on the phone to resolve the free shipping option with my last order. I had to send them proof. When it was over, I had a headache, but greatly improved Hindi accent listening skills.

Peace !


What do you expect for a telephoto lens? Of course the field of view is smaller - that’s what a telephoto lens does.

That is quite sad.

Here is a comparison between a V3 and an OG-Tele. The two cameras are a few feet apart, but pointed in the same direction (through double pane glass). The Tele is doing exactly what I wanted.
BTW, in case anyone is wondering, I have the camera pointed at my neighbor’s house at her request. There is another OG-Tele pointed farther to the right.


The QUALITY of all the CAMERAS has DROPPED since the ORIGINAL generation.
I’m OUTRAGE because the original Simplicity is GONE !!! An easy setup and RELIABLY has been SOLDED out for more $$$$.