Wyze cam OG telephoto keeps going offline afert being online

I have multiple Wyze cams. Some OG while others OG Telephoto.

One particular Telephoto would go offline consistently. Sometimes once a day, others once every few days. When I tried to bring it back online, sometimes a power recycle would suffice, others the cam stayed un-responsive in that the status light wouldn’t come on or flash.

When I looked at the 5/31/2024 post on the “Service Status & Known Issues” page, it’s about cams going offline.

Wyze, is it not possible to share more information with the users as to what the cause is, what the scope of the impacted users is, etc. Just how the users can confirm if they are impacted? Share more info as opposed to just telling us to power cycle and factory reset in an attempt to get the device up.

The fact that the cam goes offline again after coming online is downright frustrating. The users cannot be expected to climb up every single day to reset the cam.

Are you positive that the root cause has truly been identified and fixed?