V3 constantly going offline

My internet went out a couple days ago and since then my Wyze Cam V3 has been repeatedly going offline. Power cycling brings it back up for no more than half an hour. Same with deleting from the app and re-adding. I’m using the original cords that cam with the camera and everything. We are going away this weekend, so I really hope I can find a fix for this.

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Making the inference that the power cycling is with the camera. Have you tried a reboot of your WAP/Router Since the internet outage?

I have seen devices go a little wonky in the past after a service interruption, where the network devices remained powered up.

I would recommend giving the network hardware a reboot if you haven’t already done so.

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Hmm… I’m not sure that I have, actually. I had to restart it to get the internet back up but obviously that wouldn’t have made a difference with the camera. I’ll give it a go!

Your best bet is to power cycle your router/wifi system,and then the cameras as well,also sign out of app,then back in,clear the cache in your app which can be found under app settings