Wyze 3 camera constantly offline

When I first purchased the camera they worked beautifully but now the camera are constantly going offline and I’m having to restart them or power cycle. This happened yet again today while at work and when trying to restart it says it failed. I power cycled upon return home and had to restart then the camera started again. When this happens only 1 camera will be effected at a time.
And of course my camera was down when someone stole and vandalized the plants my kids and I are trying to grow.
Is there a known solution for this?

My second issue is that it’s not picking up or recording half the activity I know to be taking place. Have a package delivered etc and there no event recording/notifications. But I get constantly notifications for the wind blowing.

Welcome to the forums! In situations like this, the Community loves to help, but the user bringing the issue forward needs to provide info as far as their setup and physical space the camera is operating in. Info like: where are the cameras mounted? How are they powered? What is your wifi source/wifi setup? What is the construction type of the house and content like between the camera and the wifi source? Etc. I like to say “paint the picture”. It’s hard to have focused assistance without knowing the circumstances of the issue beyond “connection issue”.

For the recording issue, need more info there too. Are you trying to recording to the cloud ( free or camplus service)? Or local storage? What are your detection, event recording and sensitivity settings? This issue could be as easy as the events that you are missing are falling in the cool down for the free cloud service.

Thanks in advance for providing all these extra info points, and hopefully the groups here can help nail this down for ya.

So i had the same issue with the Wyze cam 3 going offline and constantly needed to be rebooted. But I found a solution for myself and it is that you have to keep it on a separate power source. I was running the power from a different Wyze cam through USB. The signal kept dropping and I kept having to reboot the Wyze cam v3. But as soon as I plugged it in to its own outlet and ran separate power to each camera it has never gone off-line since then.

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Agree with lebowske, I had the same issue couple of months ago and did as he/she said above and worked fine for me and never had to restarted again…

Having two cameras plugged into the same outlet causes this problem? I have three of the V3 camera’s mounted outside and two of them are powered off the same outlet and those two keep going offline but the live feed works. But the third one works just fine. I saw a some Wyze rep ask for MAC numbers on other posts to fix this problem. I hope i don’t have to run an extension cord to separate the power supplies.

I have one V3 which I’ve mounted outside on a covered porch. It routinely shows offline in the group thumbnail but streams video when I open it. It also fails to function in some rules when it shows offline in the thumbnail. Need to take a look at the camera, but I think it is running the latest beta firmware.

Update: firmware is