Cameras offline

When I opened my Wyze app to the home screen yesterday it showed both my cameras Wyze v3 were offline. I could still view the livestream for both cameras but event recording did not work for either camera. I tried everything but nothing worked until I unplugged both cameras from the power and then plugged them back in and the offline notification went away and event recording resumed. My next door neighbor had the same problem at the same time as me. Why does this happen and why do I have to unplug the cameras from the power to fix it? If I am away from home when this happens there is no way to fix the cameras while away which means these cameras are not reliable.

Welcome to the Forum Community, @jkc054! Sounds like you and your neighbor experienced some type of power issue like a voltage fluctuation. That can cause cam problems. Power Cycling -essentially what you did- can reset the cams and often fixes problems.
I have all of my cams on Smart plugs, which allows me to Power Cycle them remotely, or on an automated schedule, if needed. Many companies, including Wyze, make smart plugs! I highly recommend this approach.

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Welcome to the community forums @jkc054 !

When cameras go offline, there are always several troubleshooting steps that one must undertake and one of them always includes power cycling (totally unplugging power) the cameras. (Of course somewhere along the road in troubleshooting, you’ll need to do a warm reboot ( rebooting the camera via the Wyze app software.)

As there are so many more devices in our homes that rely on wifi, they are all fighting for connectivity onto the crowded Wifi channel and bands. (Don’t forget, not only are your devices competing, if your neighbor is close by, they may be on the same band you are on which creates a clash and create a less than stable operating Wifi connection…

Can Wyze work more on programming to ensure consistent connectivity…Certainly… But a workaround solution would be to attach a wifi (or Zigbee or Zwave ) controlled plug to the cameras, then you should be able to remotely turn on/off the outlets even if you are not at home…)

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When I decide a couple of my V2s or V3s need to be powered down, I just pull up my Wyze plugs and off/on and the cameras lose power and gain it back.

For my hard to get to cameras, I opted to plug the adapter into a Wyze plug. Saves climbing up the size of the house.