Don't power down and back up your Wyze Cam it will be OFFLINE permanently, until the Wyze jerks fix yet another BUG

I had a few cameras down last night, the way my system is I can reset 14 outside cameras all at once…

The 14 cameras outside had 2 that were not working, but cycling power to those 14 took them all offline and now unable to connect.

So even a working cam after power cycling will go offline.

Fawk Wyze this Crap is Getting Old…


Having same problem

Same here - I can remotely power cycle my cams and all it did was take them offline!

I now have only 4 of 10 V3s working ( until the rest stop working)

I am away from home for three weeks and it would be nice to be able to keep an eye on it … Wyze are just not reliable so I will be dumping the whole lot when my subscription comes up for renewal.

I understand that glitches happen occasionally but it is obvious that Wyze are not capable of fixing them quickly.

All my cameras came back except a V2 which has either blinking yellow or blinking blue led.

Poof :dash: dead V2

V3 pans, V3’s and V1 pan all working

All my V3s are working again and I was getting notifications of events … But the events weren’t visible in the events list.

2 hours later the events suddenly got displayed in the events list.

I wonder how long before it all breaks again.

My V1 floodlight camera was working fine even after last night’s debacle. I made the mistake of turning on the floodlight. Big mistake; I couldn’t turn it off and then it started turning off and on randomly after that. Good thing it has a switch.