Can 2 offline and doesn’t recover automatically


I’ve been a user of the camera system by wyze for a couple years now and one thing that’s been haunting me and I cannot seem to sort it out is that periodically out of my six cameras a couple of them random cameras will go off-line and will not recover on their own. Manual unplug and replug back in is the only way to get them back online I have tried to upgrade the firmware factory reset it has not solved my problem. The software that I’m running is

Does anybody else have a similar problem? I’m using cam V2 cameras.

I have many other devices in my home several iPhones iPads printers many wireless devices all of them don’t have any issues connecting to the Wi-Fi and hypothetically thinking if my Wi-Fi went off line for a moment and went back on all my other devices connect just fine it’s only a couple of random cameras that do not need a manual intervention.

Thanks in advance

Yes, two out of three identical (age & previous firmware) V2s dropped offline in a very remote location around the time of a recent firmware update. They had been running fine for almost a year before that, and are plugged into an UPS.

My plan is put them on a cheap mechanical timer (plugged into the same UPS) which will shut them off for a just few minutes every day and see how that goes.

These Harbor Freight timers have two outlets and are working well for me in a number of applications.

Did this behavior suddenly happen to the two cams?

If yes, is there anything you can pinpoint that changed the behavior? For example. the cameras were moved around in the room, or there was a firmware update?

Happens to any one of the six cameras. I cant pin point it to any single event that triggers it.

I did no firmware upgrade today….this issue has been happening for over a year, I was hoping through various software firmware upgrades it would resolved but unfortunately the issues is still persistent.

This would really suck that cameras need to be power cycled routinely and that I need to connect to a timer for each camera.

Wyze team, this is definitely an issue/problem in the past month. I’ve called in about this and no one seemed to know anything. It’s very frustrating. The only thing I can tell you is that it appears to happen during loss of wifi. The camera goes offline and comes back on, but in the preview on android it always appears offline. Yet when you select to view the camera, it loads fine.

Please help us here.

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