More V3 Camera Issues

Tonight two of my V3 cameras said they were offline, and I had to unplug them and plug them back in to get them working again. This is getting ridiculous and they just can’t be relied on! Do I have to have two cameras in the same spot, just to get one that stays working?!

Wyze stop releasing new products and fix what you have!


Did you ever buy a new iPhone and then buy a new better charging cable or charger? And did it even though one came with the phone?

Did you ever get a different, new or used car and decide to put after market wheels on it? Even though the originals got you by?

Many of us have had the same issue you are reporting about your camera. But we don’t complain any longer. Because we bough some WiFi Smart plugs and plugged the adapters in, so we can remotely or on a daily schedule remove power and restore power to the Wyze V2/3 cameras. It gets a fresh connection, and reduces those dropped offline problems. Often a set of 4 can be bought on Amazon for about $22. Some of us have a favorite brand and spend a bit more. But regardless, we don’t have to deal with that problem.


Also a good workaround to Wyze Cameras not really supporting Alexa. I use smart plugs to shut them off when I’m home and turn them on when I leave because you can’t do that natively for some strange reason.

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You can setup a location rule that will turn off cameras when you arrive and turn them on when you leave.

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We shouldn’t have to buy yet another product (that uses additional power), just to get the camera’s to work as advertised. You don’t seem to understand that. The camera’s should automatically reboot if they lose a WiFi connection. Again, we shouldn’t have to purchase another device to make the camera would as advertised! The camera’s should have the built in ability to do what a smart plug does for it.

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Almost universally when the cameras are “off-line” the camera is still operating and recording locally to the uSD card. If your WiFi or ISP has an outage and the camera automatically reboots it is now a brick until it can check in with the Wyze servers.


I’m on team @K6CCC :+1:.

Well said.



I have a rule to restart all my cameras twice a week and haven’t had a single V2 or V3 camera gone offline since. It’s been months, hope this can help you.

On another note, earlier this year during a time when notifications were unreliable, I went out and bought a nest battery cam. I had a 20% off coupon, I said. And I can always return it to Bed Bath and beyond, I said. Anyway…

2 weeks ago that expensive camera went offline. I power-cycled it and nothing happened. Tried to refresh its WiFi connection from the router and it was not even on the offline list. It ended up mysteriously coming back to life after a few days. I suppose it may be more reliable as I don’t need to restart it regularly, but I hate the fact I can’t remedy the situation when it happens. I guess nothing’s perfect.


If you want a FAR more reliable camera, get away from ANY WiFi connected camera. Get something that is a wired network connection into a local Network Video Recorder (with backup power).


Yes, I do understand. I guess you missed my point. Many of us have stopped sitting around complaining and fixed our issues with the camera, because Wyze had not, and we could. I am just sharing with you what you can do. Do it if you please. Don’t do it if you choose not to. But waste of time telling me I don’t understand.


Personally I’m happy with Wyze right now. Reliable most of the time is good enough for me. :+1:


I am happy with my v3 cameras on firmware Wyze software can have bugs, but the total cost vs. functionality still makes me recommend v3 cameras to family and friends. I gave my sister-in-law (who is not Tech savvy) a v3 I had on the shelf. I did tell her to check with me first before she updates the App or v3 firmware.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my Wyze cameras. I number each camera that is purchased to help me with inventory. My last three cameras received are # 47 - 49.

However, I do not consider my Wyze cameras a serious security camera system. For a serious security camera system, I have a wired camera system using IP based cameras and a local NVR. I have hours of battery available for this system and the networking pieces for it.

With that said, I can remotely access both systems, and for general operating, I almost always pull up the Wyze app because it is FAR easier to use and quickly see what’s going on.

BTW my NVR can access Wyce cameras that are flashed for RTSP.


One thing to check to see if it is at fault is to ask what network WiFi router are you using, and how far are the cameras from the router?

So many times it is the infrastructure. But if a legitimate Wyze issue, then they need to work on that, for sure. And I do understand the cameras should handle losing a WiFi connection. But lets not depend on Wyze to fix that issue. Why did you lose the WiFi signal?

I personally don’t have this issue.

Not sure how restarting the cameras twice a week prevents it losing a connection. But how are you doing it, though the app or actually unplugging them?

You don’t understand.

My router is fine and easily reached all my cameras. I even had a camera not 20 feet away from my router lose it’s connection. Yet every other device in my house was working fine via WiFi. It’s only my Wyze camera’s that do this every so often, and usually when I’m out of town. And then it gets my head spinning thinking that someone broke in and smashed the cameras or my house was on fire. Seems like I worried less when I didn’t have security camera’s. lol

Rebooting cameras will release its cache to flush, recalibrate the settings, clear any memory leak issues, and revise connections, particularly with the router/modem which also may be suffering from memory leak issues (router and modem memory leak issues are a major cause of people’s connectivity issues, though not the only one), among other benefits. I used to reboot my devices…I had to do this back when I had Xfinity. That’s back when I had problems with my Wyze devices.

Also, many people don’t even use smart plugs to make the cameras reboot regularly. Some people just use the app rules to schedule them to restart at specific intervals to ensure they always have a fresh connection on the router, etc.

I don’t need to do this anymore. Ever since I ditched Comcast and got a decent router I have cameras that have gone years working totally reliably other than the rare AWS outages. Several cameras that only ever reboot when I do firmware updates and no other time. They’ll go months and months without any rebooting and never have a single problem. Now that I have a good ISP, good Router, etc my Wyze devices do actually function as advertised. They’ve even got stronger up-time than my cameras from the other more expensive brands that I use as redundancy. I know some people really struggle with their cameras or other devices working well, I know that’s a reality for many people. I am just saying that it is possible to have fully functional, reliable Wyze devices as expected. I have over 40 Wyze cameras and another handful from other brands, and I don’t suffer with all the connectivity issues, etc that some people do.

This is a list of things I’ve found from personal experience that can be part of a person’s connectivity issues:

Once I addressed all of those things, my experience has been phenomenal. The value is AWESOME to me. I respect others having different preferences, and I even LIKE that not everyone likes Wyze. Competition is good for everyone, but to me, I feel like when I buy from others that I am just getting ripped off by their high-profit margins and totally ignoring users. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again because this has been my personal experience:

(Original context post here–it was about the Wyze Scale being objectively rated as the best scale, beating even more expensive scales with higher profit margins…more expensive does not mean better quality)

I do it through the app. From the Home Screen, I click the edit (pencil) icon on the top right, select Edit rules. I’ve created 2 rules to restart my cameras at different times:

As @carverofchoice said, doing so would help refresh the cameras’ connections. I’m doing it to preemptively prevent my floodlights from going offline again. To be fair they only went offline once every few months before, so I’ll probably tell you next year if the rules really helped. :grin:

I used to feel that way too, but then I realized most other devices don’t need to constantly upload or download videos. Also when they have connection issues we probably cannot tell as easily as they can just show the old stale data they have (like temperature).

Just set mine up this way, hopefully that fixes things.

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