My cameras went offline after internet outage and some won't come back on and cannot be set up even after factory reset

My internet provider was offline last night. It came back on this morning but all my cameras are offline (except for my Wyze doorbell which remains online). I power cycle all my cams and about half my cameras came back online. However, the other half will not budge and I tried even factory resetting them and restart the set up process but they just won’t connect. It kept saying connection time out after the QR Code scan. I have not made any changes to my internet wifi name/password and the fact that my doorbell is working + half my cameras are working still.

I have both Wyze cam-v3 and cam-v2. There are both types of cameras that are still offline.

Love to hear from anyone that can help

Maybe reboot the router. I feel that something can happen where they have issues and rebooting the router unblocks it. Even though the router works fine with other things.

You could try a firmware flash. Who knows.

Also maybe reinstalling the app (or otherwise fully clearing it).

Could also be some weird service side issue and waiting some unknown length of time might get it working again.

Oh and try it closer to the wifi router or even rtsp if you can.

Update. Without doing a thing all BUT 1 camera came back online (one at a time randomly)

The one left is a V2 and I cannot do anything to have it connected to my wifi (my other 8 devices are working fine)

7x5090g, how long did intake for the cameras to come back on line? Hours or days? How may? I’m having the same issue. My router needed restarting and the camera is only notifying me about events that I can view, but no Live View available.


Can this be server/cloud issues. I can see my cameras reconnecting and displaying time in 20 to 160 sec or more increments.