Cameras Failing

Over the past few weeks I’ve had 3 cameras suddenly go offline (two about the same time, one a little bit later). Since they are remote I could not power cycle them. However last night I was able to power cycle them and no luck. I also rebooted my router and almost lost a 4th camera but it came back this morning. The other three are still down. The error code is 90.

I took one of the cameras and deleted it and tried to re-add it but no luck. The status light turns on (orange) but then goes out never getting into the blinking stage. I also hear a click when I power on and a double click right before the light goes out. Despite this I can hit the reset button and do get the initial voice prompt (‘Ready to connect’) and then the ‘QR code scanned, please wait’ prompt although I had to try to scan the QR code many times before it finally took. It then times out waiting to connect. I’ve done this a number of times.

So my question is, has anybody had similar experience (en mass or not) and were able to fix this situation? Perhaps I had a power surge which disabled these as two of them are on the same outlet. Thanks.

Edit: I have 5 other cameras and 2 light bulbs that are still working. Two of the cameras that aren’t working are over 2 years old and the other one about 6 months,

I’m experiencing the offline issue on my WYZE Cam v2, WYZE smart plugs, and WYZE light bulbs, but not my WYZE Cam Outdoor cameras.

Along with the offline issue, when they are connected, I cannot get authenticated to get to see the video feed until I reboot the camera.

I have the same issue with one of my cameras. If you find an answer to fix it I’d love to know what it is!

Update: Well I went through my attempt to add the camera back the next day and this time I managed to add it with no problems (but see warning below). The light never did flash after powering up but it went through the 'Ready to connect." and ‘QR code scanned, please wait’ immediately and connected immediately allowing me to complete the addition. I used the same name for the camera as it had before and I retained my old settings.

WARNING: After I added the camera back it automatically added me to the Cam Plus service for that camera for 14 days free. Because this was an older camera I am wondering if it will revert to the legacy Person Detection feature I had before deleting the camera and re-adding it. I will find out in a couple of weeks.

I then took down another camera and deleted it hoping that this would fix things but it seems I cannot get the ‘Ready to connect’ voice prompt. Grrrrrr. The light stays yellow upon power up and does not go into blinking mode but no matter when and how many times I push the ‘Setup’ button I get nothing.

I then took down my third offline camera, deleted it, and then tried adding it. I get farther but it notifies me through the speaker that it cannot connect to the local internet.

I’m going to wait a bit and try again because it may be that the back end hasn’t fully updated the deleted status of the camera (just a guess).

My guess is that there are issues with the back end and my three cameras were somehow “wiped” and no longer were able to connect to back end prompting them to display ‘Offline’ status. Thanks to whoever might have fixed it but it’s very frustrating especially now that I have to wait on my next camera.

I just lost another camera (‘offline’) doing the update (my 4th), this time at a different location.

What’s going on here Wyze?

Well… it seems i’m now in the same boat, 1 of my cams is doing this exact thing while another V3 is perfectly fine, firmware updates SHOULD NOT brick cams if they are QC’d properly, i’ll be contacting support for a replacement as its only a few months old.

I have one v3 that’s acting weird on this latest beta firmware( My other 2 v3’s seem fine. This one keeps going offline about every 24 hours and in between I will have trouble connecting to this camera.

Which firmware are you on?

What firmware? Sorry I see this is an old post.

One of my three started acting up, sound notification of just a loud click various times of the day, now it wont live feed, it will send video of motion or sound like our dogs barking, just the live viewing is an issue. 1.force close or 2.power cycle shows up after buffering three times. The other two cameras aren’t having any issues like this so i know it’s not sell phone,app, or router.