Cameras and Hub not connecting after power failure

I have about 16 various Wyze cams, mostly V3 & V3 Pan, plus lights, locks, several sensors and a Wyze Hub. They are all vital for monitoring my home while I am away, like I am now. There was apparently a power failure at my home early this morning, and now 15 of the 16 cams are showing as OFFLINE. I can’t restart them - FAILED appears when I try to do so. Oddly enough, one cam, a Wyze Telephoto, is working. None of the others.
I had a friend go in and boot the fiber modem and router, but that had no effect. He disconnected the power from the cameras where he could do so, still no effect. I can turn two of the lights on and off, but others all show offline. When he booted the Hub, it came back with READY TO CONNECT and shows offline.
I’m quite a ways away (1500 miles) and actually not going to be back until December.
Am I just out of luck as far as keeping an eye on home due to malfunctioning Wyze products?

Whatever you do, don’t delete any devices from the App. That will cause more issues than offline devices, especially with the hub.

If I were at home, I would unplug all the cams, unplug the router, let them set for a couple minutes, plug in the router and wait 5m. Then plug in all the devices. The hub creates an issue since it has its own battery backup though. If it is connected by Ethernet, that is easy to unplug. However if it is connected by WiFi, it may need a soft reset (hold setup for 5s until the first light flashes). If it continues to “Ready to Connect”, it probably needs reinstalled (without deleting it from the App).

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I’m in Mexico and the equipment is in California. I will need to catch a flight back and see if I can get anything working.
As to the hub, I had a friend go into the house to restart stuff and he thought the hub was the router. I knew something was wrong when he told me it said “Ready to connect.”
There must be more to the problem than just the Wyze stuff, though. Obviously WiFi is working, as ONE of the 16 cams is working fine, and some of the lights are working. Other EQ, though, such as my Ring doorbell and Kuna light fixture cams, are also still offline. I’ve had power failures often, but never with a result like this!
Funny enough, I set up several new cams before we left for Mexico so I could keep an eye on the solar panel and battery system that is to be installed in the coming weeks. Timing, eh?

Ken Miller
Richmond California
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX

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