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Been on a 4 day trip and twice during that time I found that my cam-pan was offline. When I tried to access the camera I received a message to “power cycle” the camera. Now that is hard to do when you’re not home. Yeah, I could use a smart switch with the camera, but WHY should I have to do this? In both cases, after several hours the camera was back online without me doing anything. While the camera was down, all my other WiFi devices were working fine, so it isn’t a WIFI issue. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with leaving the cam-pan on continuously for days? I’d like to think the system was designed to operate for at least several days. I want to get the Wyze Sense to add some additional sensors to my home (already have some sensors in place with another system), but if the camera is going to go offline from time to time, the sensors would be inactive during that time, defeating their purpose. Any advice / suggestions?

What was the error code that came along with the message to power cycle? Here’s a list of the currently documented error codes and their meanings.

How far away from your router is the camera compared to your other devices? Any metal in between?

The cameras are meant to be on full time. So that shouldnt have been an issue. There are a couple of reasons they could have gone down. Wifi being off is the biggest.

The Wyze sense sensors are amazing. But I would definitely find out what triggered the cameras to go offline for those periods of time first.

The camera is 2 ft away from the router, direct line-of-sight.

I don’t recall an error code. If it happens again, I will ensure I check this.

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According to my Wifi logs, there wasn’t any disruption during the time I was away. My router is connected to an UPS so no power issue. Also, none of the other Wifi devices (9 total) had any issues during the time the Wyze was offline. Also, each time the camera started back up by itself.

im getting a code 90

cameras are offline i can i reconnect them since i got a new router?

Welcome to the community, @gs40099. If you use the same SSID and password on the new router, then you shouldn’t have to re-setup your cameras. If you use a different SSID and/or password, then you will need to re-add them through the app.

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