Pan Cam went offline and I’m away

A few days ago my Pan Cam went offline and I couldn’t get it to start up again. I called support and they had me look at the update and firmware versions, and all off a sudden, the cam came back on!
I had been trying EVERYTHING to get it back.

Yesterday it went offline again and calling support didn’t help. They walked me through a few steps and eventually said I had to unplug the cam to reset it.

Hard to do when I’m traveling.

This is an inside cam on a very robust network. Two other v2 cams are on the same network and are working fine. Using the stock usb cable, power is reliable and I don’t have pets to knock it over.


This is a semi-common issue with Wyze cams, a lot of us user’s have installed WiFi controlled power sockets to allow remote power control.

Hint: Don’t Buy a Wyze power socket (plug) :bangbang:

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Thanks Bryon.

At this point, I’m frustrated enough with the fact that I may need an aftermarket fix to make my cam work, that I may toss all my Wyze products and write reviews to dissuade others from having to deal with similar issues.

We’ll see what I hear from Wyze support first though

As bryonhu said, this is a rather common problem. When it is showing as offline, if you select the camera, does it load and work properly or does it also show off line there (your screen capture looks like the latter)?

Power cycle sometimes works and sometime not. Good luck.

Shows as completely offline. Doesn’t load at all.

I have 9 totals cams, including 3 old skool V1s. Every once in awhile, I’ll need to #kicktheplug on a random cam.

These are electronic devices… so I recommend setting a rule to have the app re-start them routinely. This may also provide value if yer camera also needs a reboot fix.

Also, I just purchased some Wyze plugs to see if they might add addtl value.

@robsm1th , as @bryonhu & @K6CCC have both said, its a common Wyze camera problem. And their solution is RIGHT on the MONEY for what most of us that no longer have that problem - have done. Their answer is correct. And like they said, don’t use Wyze WiFi plugs. Both of them gave you an aftermarket fix to make your cams work.

Go ahead and wait for Wyze support to give you an answer. Save you some time, don’t sit back and wait to hear from Wyze support. Open a work ticket via email and ask them. And ask them, and ask them. And in a couple of months, try the other-than-Wyze WiFi plugs.

I apologize right now, before you fuss at me. You likely detect a hint of frustration in my tone. Yes, there is. Its at least once every week someone pops up with a fresh tread complaining as you have. And we don’t blame you for the complaint. We don’t get frustrated that you are frustrated either. We appreciate that you are new to the party and don’t know about these long running idiosyncrasies with Wyze cameras. But two quick replies from long time forum contributors offer you the answer and you appear to dismiss or not consider their remedy? Really? You came, you asked, you got a good answer, that suggest you “patch” your camera eco-system with some inexpensive WiFi plugs versus throw out all your old already paid for camera and go spend 2x, 3x time more for someone else’s without absolute guarantee is better and has none of their own but different problems.

Of course you are welcome to toss all your Wyze products. And please, please, when you find someone else’s reasonably priced product that does better, please, please come back and tell us about it. And I ask that you do this, because many of us wander off and try someone else’s stuff too. We buy, try, discover its not better and maybe not even equal to, we return it or eat the cost, and we often report our bad luck with someone else’s stuff.

Maybe before you spend a penny, you could browse through the existing posted like yours cam problem and the suggestions to fix/patch and the reactions from those folks how the fixes solved their problems. Might save you some money and frustration.

My pet peeve, since you asked is, dozens a day folks rush to this USER (not Wyze Support) forum and post their first visit with a problem that has been asked and answered dozens if not hundreds of times, and don’t bother to read/search or try to find like reports with maybe more than one answer/solution.
We see a lot of this: “This is the first time robsm1th has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!” And we do welcome you, but please don’t rain on the answers you get before you try them.

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Maybe call a friend or neighbor to cycle power to entire home?

The Big Reset :rofl:


Sam was right about this…. The answer to get an Amazon plug to cycle the cam remotely is a good idea. After getting some time to do the research last night, That’s probably what I’ll do.

Thanks Bryon and K6CCC.

Sam, what you suggest with browsing the forum for answers would have been the first thing I did normally. It’s obviously a great resource for info.

But as I mentioned, I’m traveling - for work, and I don’t have the luxury of taking the time to search a forum right now. With my phone. Between clients.

In fact, I got carried away with this reply while I sit in a Starbucks parking lot, drinking coffee and waiting for a business to open.

I was hoping the forum might have a fix I could use while on the road, so I wouldn’t be blind at home for the next week. I understand if there is no answer. I didn’t intend to be dismissive - but I can’t go out and get a remote plug right now to fix my issue.

Perhaps you can sense my frustration, Sam

@robsm1th, Hi. That was very polite. You were very polite. Thank you. I think you were more polite than my post was. Again thank you. And you returned and said Sam was right. That almost never happens. You are of rare character. And I surely mean rare character in a complementary and nicest way, No smart remark there. And again, thank you.

If out traveling, I encourage you to order from Amazon a pack of WiFi plugs. I like Sonoff S31 for their rich features in the settings, timers, schedules, “last power state”. Others here like Kasa, (its very good too), Pack of 4 about $30 and worth twice that. Having them waiting for when you get home. 5 minute to setup and done.

We’d like to hear how it works out, if it helps. When you get a minute.