Cam Pan goes offline once per week

We’ve got five Wyze Cams, two Cam V2’s and three Cam Pan V1’s. One of our Cam Pans goes offline about once per week. I can’t narrow that down because we don’t look at the cams every day.

When it goes offline, the only thing I can do is cycle the power on it. Unfortunately, this camera is the least accessible. It’s way up high under the roof of a covered porch, along with it’s power source. I installed that plug specifically for a couple cams on that porch. The only way to cycle the power without dragging my 10-ft step ladder up there is to head down to the basement and flip the breaker off and on. At least there’s nothing else important on that breaker.

Any ideas why that camera would decide to go offline that often? It shares the power source and network with the other camera on the porch, a Wyze Cam V2, and that one stays up.


What power source does the camera use? I’ve found that the 5v1a power brick works fine if I turn the pan into a glorified v2 and don’t use ir. But if I turn the ir on and use many features, the 5v2a power brick is needed for smoother operation over here.


Thanks, Omgitstony. That makes sense and could be a problem. It’s worth dragging out my ladder to check, anyway.

I just ran across this post and noticed I forgot to update, along with thank you for the suggestion. I went up there and found that the USB plug that powered the camera was damaged. This was in an outdoor outlet and closing the cover pinched the connector, cracking it open.

So I decided to get “professional” and replace the outlet with one that also had two USB power ports. That was soon after the last posts, so maybe end of November, beginning of December, and we haven’t had any downtime from that camera.

Thanks again!!!

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