Wyze cam pan offline, but works

This has got to be a bug. My cam pan 1 shows as offline, but works. I can connect and view and offline line viewing on SD card works as well. However, no events have recorded since January 4th. The other 5 cameras have not skipped a beat. We did have a power failure on the 4th.

It doesn’t happen very often at all for me, but when I get the occasional offline camera (cloud symbol) they usually still stream fine if I click on the live view, but can’t be controlled from the app like restarting, etc. I just have to hard reboot the camera by unplugging/replugging it and it comes back online.

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Wyze has been trying to pinpoint the source of the “offline” but still streams anomaly. They have specifically requested users who experience this to email them Cam SD Logs:


It worked as you said. Next time I will send in the log. I forgot to do that.

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