Wyze Cam Pan Offline and no Voice Prompts

One of my Wyze Cams is a Wyze Cam Pan and I noticed it was offline this week for no reason (my other cams were fine). I checked and it was plugged in properly but just showing offline with the camera eyeball pointed at the ceiling. In my Wyze app it showed offline and suggested a power cycle. This did nothing. So I figured I should probably try deleting it from my app and resetting the camera up like new. Did not work. Will not stay on and has no voice prompts.

I logged into the support site and saw I should check the LED status light on the camera. When I plug it in the light does not come on unless I rotate the base so the power cord is at the back. Then the solid yellow light comes on and then eventually begins flashing yellow. If I do nothing it eventually shuts off and rotates the cord to the side where the Setup button is. If I hold the Setup button it eventually makes a bell sound but never says “Ready to Connect.” Then it rotates the power cord as previously described and turns off the device. I tried another power cord as the article (https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022501071&?section=no-voice-during-setup) suggested. Had no effect. The article provided no further assistance so I thought I would try a post in this forum.

Please help! I use this camera to watch over my 84 year old mother. (I actually have multiple ones in her home but this is the only PAN one.)

Did you file go to Account–> Help & Feedback → Report an Issue?
If not do so promptly and include a log file.

Do you have an SD card in the cam?
If so try removing it and resetting.

I had exactly the same problem. I tried removing the SD card and then was able to successfully reset the cam. I scanned the Wyze brand SD card with my Windows 10 PC and it found and corrected errors. Then I was able to reinstall it in the Pan Cam and it still worked. I then used the Wyze app to format the SD card.

Hey there,

I am sorry to hear that your Wyze CM Pan is not working. You should try the following: make sure the power cable is not damaged and make sure the power port on the Wyze Cam Pan is not damaged. Try a different outlet, make sure you are using the Wyze provided power adapter and cable.


My camera is working now. I was sharing the steps that I took to get it working again so that maybe I can help someone else with a corrupted SD card that took their camera offline.