Wyze Cam V2 suddenly went offline and isn't coming back online


A little over a week ago, I got my first wyze cam v2. It was working fine until yesterday. When I got home from dinner, it was offline. I power cycled it, restarted the device from my app, and even moved it closer to my router… still, it was offline. I do not have an sd card in it, the light on the back is a consistent yellow and I’m really frustrated.

Any suggestions?

Hey there Kedouglas91,

Try plugging it in and press the setup button until you hear the “Ready to connnect” voice prompt. Then delete the device from the Wyze app and re-add it.

Let us know if it works,


What if the yellow light stays solid and doesn’t stay flashing? I’m trying to reset it up, but the cam won’t give me any prompts

My cam status light continues to be a solid yellow and isn’t flashing so I can’t reinstall it… any suggestions?

The sequence should be: Power, yellow flashing light, hold setup button until beep, “Ready to Connect” voice prompt, enter network info into app, scan resulting QR code from at least 5 inches away.

So if you aren’t getting the yellow flashing light after you first power it up, you should probably enter a ticket with support. Sounds like it may have died, but they would be the official word on that.


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I’ve done that and an waiting in their reply. I was thinking it must have malfunctioned as I was setting it up correctly; but our still won’t work. Thanks for the advice though

Someone recently said a power surge took theirs offline, describing the same symptoms as yours. Maybe something similar happened while you were at dinner.