Yellow status light disappears

I unplugged my wyze cam to move to another spot. Moving it higher on the wall to get more of the room. Now when I plug it back in the status light comes on solid yellow for about 10 seconds and then completely shuts off and nothing else happens. I can’t re connect and when I deleted the device from my app and press the reset button on the bottom it does nothing. What happened? My wifi is fine. And my other camera is just fine too.

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Make sure you are using the power adapter and wire that came with your camera.

Try to reboot again, if that does not work :arrow_down_small:

i suggest viewing this topic to reflash your camera

This sounds to me like maybe a bad power adapter or cable. I would try a different set. If you don’t have another set from Wyze, you can use pretty much any standard USB power adapter and microUSB cable.