Is my Wyze Cam V2 dead?

I’ve had my Wyze Cam V2 for nearly a year and have had no problems with it at all. Today I noticed I didn’t get the usual notifications from it so thought I better check it out. The app says that the camera is offline, so I pulled the power cable out, waited for about 10 seconds, then reinserted the power cable. The LED stayed off, my understanding is that it should show yellow?

I’ve tried three other cables, all with the same result. I’ve tried holding down the Setup button on the base of the camera for 10 seconds but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Does anyone have any ideas on resurrecting my camera? If the LED remains off after plugging in a cable does that mean that either the camera isn’t getting any power or that something serious has happened to break the camera?

Do you hear the camera clicking at all during what would be the startup phase? Have you tried a different power brick, not just the cables? Does it have a SD card in it? If so, remove the card and trying powering up the camera.

If you get the camera to power and startup but not connect to the app, i’d say some troubleshooting things to try and removing the SD card before start up (like stated above), doing the initial install again, trying a manual firmware flash. Well start with those, look forward to seeing if you can get this running again.

This forum is just a user to user platform for any and all Wyze things, the community here can do great things with trouble shooting, but if you wanted to go an official route, here is the support ticket link to start the process of working with the official Support on this issue. If you go that route please update the thread here with how thats going and any resolutions you find. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Did you check the wall outlet? Did you call customer service?

If there is no power, it could be the cable but you tried that already.

If nothing else works, you can try another type of camera from another company. I did that today. They have warranty packages that will cover the cameras that include trouble shooting and replacing the cameras with a new one at no cost to you as long as you have purchased an extended warranty.

Good luck.

Thanks for the comments guys!

I’ve tried using a different power outlet and also different power supplies (I tried my phone’s power supply and cable, as well as the power supply and cable that came with my Google Home). None of this worked.

I do notice that if I leave the camera plugged in for a while then it heats up, and so does the power supply. I assume that this would indicate that the camera is receiving power ok, and that the fault must lie within the camera itself.

I live in New Zealand and had to buy the camera off someone that imported a few of them, so I don’t really expect to get much help from the Wyze support people as I don’t have an original receipt or anything. I paid about NZ$90 for it. I got nearly a year’s worth of use from it and since it was my first camera it taught me a few things about what features to look for when buying one. Not sure if I’ll replace it or not.

Thanks for all the help!

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do you habe sd card? remove it and try.

Yes I have an SD card but removing it doesn’t help.

Looks like my camera is dead :cry: