Issues after Update

Hello, I have a question, I am hoping someone can help me. I have WYZEC2 cam, and I recently did updates on all my cameras, Sadly two of them have had some issues. They power up and the Yellow light comes on solid. Thats all it does, after a while it turns off the solid yellow light and then if you leave it long enough, you hear clicking sounds and then Yellow light comes back on solid again. then it repeats that.
I have asked the wonderful helpers at Wyze, and they suggested a few things and I did all they asked.
But still nothing. Wondering if anyone out there has had this issue, and what they did to resolve it.?

please help me awaken and use my two WYZE Cams that lay dead right now.


I would assume you reset it by holding the setup button and reestablished via the app right?


I did, but my issue is that when I plug my cam into the power, all i get is a Steady yellow light for about a minute then it goes off. I hold my phone with the app open, and because it was deleted from my phone app, i try to add it as a new cam. but it would see it, and the cam only clicks and has that solid yellow light and then it starts to click and then goes dark and nothing.


  • Thanks for responding by the way.

Sounds like it could be power cable or power modeule.


I thought that too, so i swapped out the power cord with one of my others that is working fine. No use. still solid yellow and then nothing.

Thanks again.


Did the camera have any kind of power spike or cut while upgrading?


Hmm, not sure I don’t remember but I was in the Domincan Republic and doing the update via my phone app at the time.

Two cameras worked fine, and two died right upon the doing the update.

The power and internet was sadly always having issues, but I don’t recall any power outages, or spikes or surges when I did the two updates for the last two cameras.

Like I said, two took the update, and are working perfectly, two did not.


Could be anything. What did support tell you again?


  • Do a “Firmware Flashing”


Did they give you steps?

Hello again,

No they did not really give me any specifics, they just said do a Firmware thing, so there is a possibility that I did not do that correctly.

If you or anyone knows how to, and can simplify it for me, and tell me the correct way, or how to. I will try it again. I will try anything to get these two cams working.



Hi, @s.carrigan. By going to the “Support” link at the top right of the Wyze website, and entering “flash”, I found the following article.

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Hello, and good afternoon.

That was what I tried the first time, and just to make sure I did it again last night.

Still nothing, Sadly.

I will wait and see if the Wyze customer service crew can help me out.



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It seems that the firmware page is out of date, today for the WyzeCamV2 came
We had to do a power cycle on the camera and the app …

I just got upgrade prompt to update to4.9.4.28 as well, camera stopped working :cry:
Update: reboot #2 fixed that :+1:

Having the same problem here.

What did you reboot twice, the cam or the router?

Sorry, the cam, all good now

Mine is all good now too. Restarted the modem, restarted the router, restarted the Cam about 7 times. It still didnt work. Then i about 15 min later i happened to turn the app on to that Cam again, and it worked. Out of the blue.
No idea why.

Regarding the firmware released today ( for my V2 cameras … the first cam updated just fine (“Update successful!”), but all three of my others did not (“Update failed!” after progress counter finally reached 100%). I considered starting factory resets of the three “failed” cams but luckily only needed camera restarts to get them connecting again. I then looked at Devce Info for each camera which confirmed that the firmware update had actually succeeded on all four cams, in spite of the “Update failed!” message on three of them. Hope that makes sense! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great ! :+1: