Pan Cam Shows Offline Even When Not

I recently purchased one V2 cam and one Pan Cam. The V2 works fine. The Pan Cam mostly works, but it shows offline in the app. If you select it you can access the live stream just fine. It’s also recording events and is otherwise working exactly like it is supposed to. It’s just annoying to constantly see “offline” when I open the app.

It actually showed as online when I first set it up. But then I did a firmware update and it has been showing offline ever since. This happens with both the Android and iOS apps across several devices.

Any ideas how to get it to read correctly?

make sure you send logs to devs on this. I’ve read about this a few times and it seems to be a bug in the system.

Oddly enough it started working today after a week or so of not working. I started the app, I clicked on it to check the feed, and then backed out to the home screen and it suddenly showed “on”. I checked my other app installations and they all show “on” too. Nothing changed that I can see. I didn’t restart the camera or change any settings.

How do I check/collect the logs? I looked around the app menus and didn’t see anything, I might be missing them though.

that’s kind of odd. if you have more issues make sure to keep us up to date. maybe there’s something we are overlooking.

here is a great description of how to send the logs in. any time you have an anomaly you cant fix, send a log in. maybe its something that been widely reported and this helps the developers see the width of the issue.

Thanks. I just sent the logs with a rundown of the sequences of events similar to what I relayed here. Maybe they can find something in the logs that shows why this happened.

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