Just got the Cam 3 and why I got the cameras was to catch the mo fo who’s been taking my sign at my front yard. Low and behold little effer took it again and when I came to look at the event recordings, flipping cameras were offline!!! Ugh. So that jerk got away. What I find so odd is that they go offline at the same time everyday (bet 3-4p) and randomly turns back on. NOTHING else is off!!! WTH!!! So annoyed! I have since disconnected, restarted reloaded in. Not sure what to expect tho.

How do you know when they were “offline”? The state when you went to review the recordings doesn’t matter. It’s whether they were working at the time of the event. The event recordings are on Wyze servers.

Or if you are recording to a uSD card, it will record at any time regardless if there is server connectivity. and you can watch at any time.

2 of my 3 new V3 cameras keep going offline. I have to unplug them to reset them. Everytime there is an update to anything Wyze it’s screwed up. For a company that wants so badly to be a home security one stop shop they need to clean things up. I’m not a new bandwagon jumper here. I was one of the first buyers of the OG cameras. This offline issue is a big problem that needs to be addressed . Kind of hard for someone to restart a camera if there not at home. Maybe less work on new stuff and more on the cameras.

Well for one, I came home minutes before the sign was taken because a neighbor came to tell me as I was parking my car–so I immediately went to the cameras and and they were offline. I hit playback and got a message “No SD card” to was even more frustrating because I have the SD cards. It read “offline” when I checked them. I happen to check the cameras around 3p because I suddenly wasn’t getting notifications one day as it was windy and it picked up all motions. Well low and behold they were offline, then around 4:30 they came back. So I started checking daily and interestingly enough they go offline around the same time. But my wifi works otherwise during that time so that’s why its confusing.

Where can I watch these recordings??

I went back to view playback and nothing was recorded around the time the person stole my item. So how do I check on the SD card?

So you’re suggesting the recent update which was a while ago could be the culprit? Interestingly enough, however, there are 2 other cameras set up elsewhere, We got 4 all together and only the two go offline everyday at the same time. The other 2 do not.

Sorry for a dumb question but haven’t you also checked “Events” off the main app page? That’s where the Wyze “cloud” server events are accessed, separate from any SD card recordings.

As to your issue, they should not go offline if they are getting steady power and a WiFi signal.

Don’t be sorry for your question. And yes of course I checked “events” off the app. That’s the first place I checked…my question is how do I check the SD recordings? I’ve gone to “view playback” and nothing was recorded while the cameras were offline. And again, I understand having steady power and wifi keeps them from going offline, which is why I am perplexed as to why they are going offline. Hence my post to the community.

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The last time I had a camera drop offline at a specific time of day it was because I painted it black and it was hitting 170 degrees during the afternoons when sun would hit it. So for me, my cam was wildly overtemp…

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I too have something similar going on with my V3.
Someone has been vandalizing and dumping during the night. When I go to playback the next morning: A few hours are missing. No events are being recorded and nothing on SD card for a number of hours even though there should was plenty action to record. Sheriff says I need video or an eye witness. Vandalization and dumplings are being done in the wee hours of the morning.
Wyze, please fix this problem. I need the camera to record to stop the constant harassment.

@captainhk: so!!! I ended up unplugging my cameras, waited a few seconds, re-connected to the electrical socket as well as the usb–connect and reconnected and set them up as if it was the first time and they have so far stayed online since (its been since Sunday)…try that and see what happens!

You can set your camera to restart itself so you don’t have to worry about it ! So if your camera goes down at 3 set it to reset on the schedule rules section at 12 or 1 ! Hope you get this guy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I wish I could! When they went offline they seemed to have completely shut off because while they were offline I tried to restart them via the “on” button but I kept getting a message error. However, since I disconnected EVERYTHING and started as if they were new they have not been going offline…hope I didn’t jinx it… :woman_shrugging:

You can pull the SD card and put it in your computer. Go to the SD drive and look through the folders. The camera records in one minute increments.