Wyze Cam v3 goes offline at exactly 8pm every night

And then comes back online at exactly 8am. By off line I mean recording stops and it tells you the camera is offline in the app. It’s plugged into a Wyze outdoor plug and there is no schedule setup on it to turn the plug off.

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Can you check to see if there are any Rules associated to the Camera: Shortcut (Which will appear at the top of the Home Page), Scheduled Rules (which you could set to say turn off Camera’s at x time and on at x time), or maybe a trigger which sets a turn off time.

Sounds like there is some Rules in place where the camera is disabled at a certain time, which is why I am asking if you could look at the rules.


Yeah that’s the ticket. I looked at “Local Schedules” for the Wyze plug and it was off, but I didn’t check rules. Thanks a lot.


Look at the camera. Is the camera actually powering off? That will help identify if it’s an issue with the camera, the Outdoor plug, or something else.

Glad to help